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Fruit Tree Foundation - First Edition
Independent project that grew from the Scottish Mental Health Arts And Film Festival, led by Emma Pollock (formerly of The Delgados) and Rod Jones (Idlewild), and also featuring James Graham (Twilight Sad), Scott Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit), Jill O’Sullivan (Sparrow And The Workshop), Alasdair Roberts, James Yorkston, Karine Polwart and Jenny Reeve.

CD - Chemikal Underground - CHEM155CD - £10.99

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Mogwai - Come On Die Young
CD - Chemikal Underground - CHEM033CD - £7.99Add to basket
Aereogramme - A Story In White
CD - Chemikal Underground - CHEM053CD - £6.99Add to basket
Arab Strap - Philophobia
A special double CD re-issue of Arab Strap's seminal second album from 1998. The first four tracks on the second disc are taken from the band’s second Peel Session whilst tracks five to ten are from the band's set at the T In The Park festival, July 1998.

2 x CD - Chemikal Underground - CHEM136CD - £8.99Add to basket
RM Hubbert - First And Last
A hugely gifted guitarist, Hubby's work incorporates elements of flamenco, folk, samba and taiko.

LP - Chemikal Underground - CHEM156 - £19.99Add to basket
Conquering Animal Sound - On Foating Bodies
A compelling slice of ethereal, multi-layered electronica, the Glasgow duo’s work is characterised by Anneke’s extraordinary vocals.

LP - Chemikal Underground - CHEM192 - £16.99Add to basket
RM Hubbert - Breaks and Bone
‘Breaks & Bone’ is the follow up to RM Hubbert’s SAY Award winning album ‘Thirteen Lost & Found’. Following ‘First & Last’ and ‘Thirteen Lost & Found’, ‘Breaks & Bone’ concludes a confessional triptych Hubby refers to as ‘The Ampersand Trilogy’. While Hubbert’s guitar work retains the flamenco structures and techniques of his earlier material, it’s augmented on ‘Breaks & Bone’ with vocals - the first time Hubby has sang on record since his El Hombre Trajeado days.

CD - Chemikal Underground - CHEM200CD - £10.99Add to basket
Miaoux Miaoux - School Of Velocity
Long awaited second album from Glasgow-based producer Miaoux Miaoux, channelling Prince, Scritti Politti and LCD Soundsystem to create a dazzlingly eclectic slice of electro pop.

CD - Chemikal Underground - CHEM222CD - £10.99Add to basket
Miaoux Miaoux - School Of Velocity
Long awaited second album from Glasgow-based producer Miaoux Miaoux, channelling Prince, Scritti Politti and LCD Soundsystem to create a dazzlingly eclectic slice of electro pop.

LP - Chemikal Underground - CHEM222 - £16.99Add to basket
Emma Pollock - In Search Of Harperfield
Five and a half years after the angular splendidness of ‘The Law Of Large Numbers’, Emma Pollock has finally delivered not only its follow-up but an album that’s up there with the very best in Chemikal Underground’s catalogue. With nods to Kate Bush, Kristin Hersh, Dusty Springfield and Sandy Denny, Emma’s songwriting has never been better with her vocals recalling the likes of Annie Lennox or Siouxsie Sioux. Produced by ex-Delgado Paul Savage at Chem19, ‘In Search Of Harperfield’ showcases Emma’s flamboyant, sophisticated and unerringly melodic style and should cement her reputation as one of our most gifted alternative artists. There’s a lot to comfort any bereft Delgados fans out there, with tracks like ‘Parks And Recreation’ and ‘Don’t’ Make Me Wait’ recalling her old band’s flair for leftfield pop and the elegant oddities of ‘Alabaster’, ‘Monster In The Pack’ and ‘Old Ghosts’ easily surpassing any high watermark reached by The Delgados in their 10-year career.

CD - Chemikal Underground - CHEM211CD - £10.99Add to basket
Emma Pollock - Law Of Large Numbers
New LP from Emma Pollock... Fantastic songwriting from former Delgado member.

CD - Chemikal Underground - CHEM129CD - £7.99Add to basket
FOUND - Cloning
Long-awaited return from ridiculously inventive BAFTA-winning robot-makers, sound installation artists and 7” ‘vinyl’ chocolatiers FOUND. Fundamental changes have taken place since FOUND launched ‘factorycraft’, their first on Chemikal Undergound, in 2011. More than four years have passed. The trio are now a duo of Ziggy Campbell and Kev Sim. On ‘Cloning’, the group’s new album, the sound of FOUND is wreathed in a haar of analogue synthesizers where once it buzzed with brittle guitars. Campbell acknowledges his and Sim’s thoughts turned to matters apocalyptic as a means of defeating the monotony of touring ‘factorycraft’. At the same time they were plugging into Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and John Carpenter, electronic music pioneers Beaver & Krause and Tristram Cary and composers Alan Hawkshaw and Keith Mansfield.

LP - Chemikal Underground - CHEM225 - £17.99Add to basket
Rick Redbeard - Awake Unto
‘Awake Unto’ is the second mesmerising collection of songs by Rick Redbeard, aka Rick Anthony of cosmic rock magicians The Phantom Band, coming three years after his delicately poetic solo debut ‘No Selfish Heart’. Quarried from similar stone to that of Michael Hurley, Leonard Cohen and Bill Callahan and wrapped in layers redolent of Angelo Badalamenti, ‘Awake Unto’ weaves folk, balladry and filmic impulses into a tapestry of song so deftly detailed the rewards multiply with every listen.

CD - Chemikal Underground - CHEM230CD - £10.99Add to basket
FOUND - Terra Nova
FOUND follow up 2015’s futuristic album ‘Cloning’ with a look back at the past in ‘Terra Nova’. Dr William Clark Souter travelled to Antarctica in 1903 on board the Terra Nova ship bound to rescue Captain Scott’s RRS Discovery from ice. Souter was a junior doctor based at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary who was also a keen photographer and was allowed to document the expedition. FOUND were commissioned by Grampian Hospital Arts Trust to create a response to Dr Souter’s photographs that are housed within the University of Aberdeen Special Collections. The project culminated in the exhibition ‘TERRA NOVA’ at The Suttie Arts Space in ARI, from December 2015 to February 2016 and the production of this record. On ‘Terra Nova’ the sound of FOUND is wreathed in a fog of analogue synthesizers where once it buzzed with brittle guitars.

LP - Chemikal Underground - CHEM234 - £17.99Add to basket
El Hombre Trajeado - Fast Diagonal
A stoutly democratic alliance featuring the acclaimed flamenco punk guitarist RM Hubbert and multi-instrumentalist Stevie Jones (Sound of Yell, Arab Strap), Glasgwegian mutant-disco kings El Hombre Trajeado return after a decade’s absence with the album ‘Fast Diagonal': a firework display of irresistibly warped beats, basslines and bleary-eyed synth work gilded by appearances from guest vocalists Sue Tompkins (Life Without Buildings), Ela Orleans and Sao Paulo-based Chris Mack (James Orr Complex).

LP - Chemikal Underground - CHEM245 - £19.99Add to basket
Arab Strap - Arab Strap
Aidan and Malcolm have compiled a double album of Arab Strap 'secret hits and rarities' to celebrate their 20th anniversary. Reflecting on a 10 year career that was as influential as it was controversial, the compilation highlights an extraordinary output that staunchly refused to conform to expectation. From the string-led sashay of 'Shy Retirer' to the piano-driven noir of 'Love Detective'; the lo-fi crunch of 'The Clearing' to the spartan electronica of 'Rocket, Take Your Turn', Arab Strap were a fearless and resolutely original proposition from the minute Aidan regaled us with tales of their 'First Big Weekend' back in 1996. Here's Aidan on the tracklisting for 'Arab Strap': "We chose 20 songs - one for each year since we started - and decided to split them into two lots of 10. The first disc's a kind of best-of, but we just stuck to the more electronic stuff for this - there's so many different sounds going on in Arab Strap albums, so we wanted to make it a more coherent whole. The second disc's filled with rarities from EPs and b-sides and out-takes and stuff, so there's some louder rock stuff on there. I think all of these songs could've been on the albums they were recorded for, but sometimes you're trying to tell a story and they just don't fit. This disc is more live drums and rock-y too, so anyone looking for the noise should hopefully be satisfied."

2 x CD - Chemikal Underground - CHEM244CD - £10.99Add to basket
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