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Mush - Ex-Communique
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "This extended E.P. cements a range of ideas way beyond it's 5 tracks... Its fuzzed out, playful approach channels the slacker of spirit of Pavement and Sebadoh to create something way beyond these perceived influences. Big shop fave."

EP - Self Released - MUSH001EP - £7.99

Other recordings by this artist

Mush - Alternative Facts (LIMITED SIGNED COPIES)
Mush are from Leeds. They play a kind of slacked out art-rock. The songs are melodic and highly music-orientated but weirdly catchy and infectious. New single ‘Alternative Facts’ is a ten minute critique of the increasingly familiar phenomenon of fake news and the movement toward soundbite-orientated politics. Set to a backdrop of driving repetitive rhythms, weaving guitar textures and off the cuff a-tonal vocal style, Alternative Facts is a catchy and refreshing single choice despite having to be pressed on both sides of a 7” due to the sheer length. Live performances have prompted the expected ‘guitar band’comparisons to the likes of Pavement, Television, Velvet Underground etc. Mush, however, play with an unhinged and experimental energy and purist intentionality that means they are ones to watch in their own right.

Jumbo's Adam Gillison says "This is what we want. Sloppy Pavement-esque freakout with some psych-y inflections. More goodness from the Leeds underground. Get in early..."

7" - Too Pure Singles Club - PURE342S - £6.99
Mush - Comment Section Creep / Luxury Animals (LIMITED SIGNED COPIES)

7" - Art Is Hard - AIH54 - £7.99Add to basket

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Other records on this label

Chaika - Chaika (Cassette EP)
THIS IS A CASSETTE - Banks of reverb, mountainous delay and cavernous echoes capture the out-there vocals in a clearly psyched-out dream. This is pure brilliance on cassette and I'm hoping we'll see them on vinyl ASAP! If you dig Hookworms, Wooden Shjipps et al you'll know where I'm coming from!

EP - Self Released - CHAIKA001 - £0.99Add to basket
Otiks - Contrast
Driving and dramatic, this takes in the feel of 80's new-wave and shakes up the sound with a synthy pop-rock flourish. 4 Tracks that do the business!

CD EP - Self Released - OTIK001 - £3.49Add to basket
Expelaires - Sick Of Lies
Superb and rock solid return of the new-wave/punk stars of the infamous 'Hicks On The Sticks' compilation. I'm pleased to say they've been playing again for a little while now and the magic is more than still there (along with the message) and they're still writing memorable, powerful catchy as hell songs too! This is maximum rock and roll mania that brings to mind Fear or early Damned too...Recommended!

CD - Self Released - EXP001 - £3.99Add to basket
We Died At Sea - The La La Bird
Fantastic blend of Country, Folk and Skiffle all melded into the best darn hokum around. It's very easy to see why they're getting support slots with people like Simone Felice...Passionately and professionally played, but sidestepping the slick by playing with a raw, whiskey drinkin' upbeat flavour. Recommended stuff and one's to watch!

CD EP - Self Released - WDAS001 - £2.99Add to basket
Fin Henderson - At Least We'll Sing
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Really impressed with his superb songwriting style that reminds me of early John Grant but with it's own flourish. It's a well produced, catchy gem with great instrumentation that suits Fin's vocals, yet makes you sit up and really listen and I expect that we'll be hearing more from Fin. Recommended"

CD - Self Released - FINHEN001 - £6.99Add to basket
Young British Artists - Change By Any Other Name
Already making quite a name for themselves, the latest release is another notch on their impressive cannon...Thundering, driving drums, hazy feedback and shoe-gaze shimmer, super lyrics and vocals...These guys can also drop the odd slow sweetner too! Recommended and definitely one's to watch!

LP - Self Released - YBA001 - £13.99Add to basket
Postculture - Postculture
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Effortless blend of indie, funk-punk, disco and electronics that sound like it could be a muddle but is anything but...You cannot fail to get down with it's unrelenting boogie, indie-tronic funk and dazzling charm. "

CD - Self Released - PC002CD - £9.99Add to basket
Rob Galloway - Reflections
Mr. Galloway's latest folk infused rock/pop missive is a veritably sincere, acoustic yarn that unfurls with glee...

CD - Self Released - ROBG01CD - £9.99Add to basket
Mermaid - Are You Clean?
New demo CD from these punked up angsters...

CD - Self Released - MAYC001CD - £2.99Add to basket
Gale - Dancing With The Stars
Gale returns with another load of gothic redolence... Nostalgic, and for all the right reasons. Check!

Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Another voyage (this time into space) through synth-pop sassiness and new-wave tinged melodies. Gale is getting to be a bit of a Leeds legend with his crazed covers (Planet Claire, No Where Girl) of post-punk and goth-y hits and misses and of course his own compositions too, all done with a wonderful DIY aesthetic. Really digging the cool artwork too! Check."

CD - Self Released - MDM2017A2 - £7.99Add to basket
Fallen Trees - War / Scare Mongering
LIMITED TO 250 COPIES - LIMITED SIGNED COPIES WHILE STOCKS LAST! Brilliantly played boogie-rock /blues-rock that aches with great riffage and passion with some top notch vocalism laid on top! A rocking sample of big things to come I reckon and recommended if you like early ZZ Top, Lynryd Skynrd etc!

7" - Self Released - FALLTR001 - £6.99Add to basket
Ten - Yukon Youth
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Thoughtful post-rock frothing with atmosphere and attitude. It's a real builder that sours up into incredible soundscapes and through it's heavy-ness it somehow channels an ambient mellowness too! Their best release yet! Recommended."

CD - Self Released - TENRECD01CD - £8.99Add to basket
30/32 - E.P.
A great gripping 3 tracker that makes good with it's indie rocking memorable tunes. Touches of Arctic Monkeys and even Joe Jackson in here and we're looking forward to hearing more from these local chaps.

CD EP - Self Released - SELF3032 - £2.99Add to basket
Bearfoot Beware - World Owes You Nowt
I'm a bit of a fan so was eager to hear this new long-player and guess what? The waiting has sure paid off big time! This comes together like a savage sonic kick to the speakers...A manic meld of flipped out percussion, zappy guitars and angry, jerky energy...Oh and those VOCALS!!! Behind the sparks there lies a fire-starting lyrical specialness and poetic flare too! Recommended!

LP - Self Released - VOCLP001 - £11.99Add to basket
Quirke - 001/002
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "THIS IS A CASSETTE & 12" VINYL PACKAGE - Quirke bring forth some tasty experimental techno over a cassette and 12". Already getting the love from underground DJ's to Jumbo regulars. It's a dubbed out affair with the first side being rather anti-chug and wild and the flip being a groover. As for the cassette, well I don't know but I'm sure it's great."

12" - Self Released - QUIRKE001 - £7.99Add to basket
Ellen And The Escapades - Lost Cause (Signed Copies)
LIMITED SIGNED COPIES - We've loved them from the get go so we were eager to hear the new songs...The wonderful voice and ace musicianship is still very much here in spades, as is the fantastic songwriting...But this, recording and production wise, is the best we've ever heard them...Folky fantastic-ness and HIGHLY recommended!

CD EP - Self Released - BOR04 - £4.99
Nadia Sheikh - 50 Feet
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "A perfect example of what strong rock/pop songwriting is all about. This is a killer mix of female vocals and memorable hook-filled songs that reach out over 6 songs and pull you into Nadia's great lyricism and performance...I expect she's be one to watch in the future for sure."

CD EP - Self Released - NADSHE001 - £0.99Add to basket
Autobodies - Bodywork E.P.
Within these four songs lies the fermented brew of 70's funk-punk and 80's new-wave and more contemporary D.I.Y. grooves...And boy is it a heady, head-mashing brew indeed. Energetic, punchy and one of THE best examples of it's type around at the moment...Expect big things!

7" EP - Self Released - AB01 - £5.99Add to basket
Salvation - Clash Of Dreams
Hard to believe that this whole album from 84 was, for various reasons, shelved...Although it's appeared as a bootleg over the the years this is the REAL official version complete and with extra tracks (including for the first time on CD their first 12" E.P.). For fans this is an essential release and a great glimpse of what could have been, for those delving into Goth then this album stands up as a perfect example of the music at the time...Recommended.

CD - Self Released - TSCD02 - £10.99Add to basket
Loz Campbell - Lady Beryllium
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Styling out through bluesy riffage and soulful vocals that seem to be channelled way beyond Loz's years. She writes engaging songs that flow through rock, pop, folk and straight up good vibes and heartbreaking times. One to watch!"

CD - Self Released - LOZCAM002 - £5.99Add to basket
Edgar Duke - Penguin EP
Jumbo's Rebecca Jane says "Not quite Mac Demarco, and just missing the tick in the Arctic Monkeys box whilst confidently striding towards the likes of Baxter Dury, this EP sits thoughtfully somewhere amongst the aformentioned. Very charming and excellantly self produced, this feels very accomplished. "

CD EP - Self Released - EDG001 - £2.99Add to basket
Talking Candy - Suicide E.P.
Trickling warm distortion layered over delicate yet intricate songs...It get emotional especially as it slowly builds and grows into a leftfield blossom...Excellent debut that points towards an interesting future...Check!

CD EP - Self Released - TCAND001 - £1.99Add to basket
Wharf Street Galaxy Band - Wharf Street Galaxy Band
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Uffff! Mind melting musical attack of psyched-up, post-punk, prose and feedback. If the Silver Apples went out drinking with the Fall round Shipley, just like this ingenious release it'd get messy, noisy and marvellous. Lyrically it's clever and the songwriting augments this into a sinister new level! Sharp, memorable and it creeps up into a crazed, intense frug...Very Recommended."

CD - Self Released - WSGB001 - £6.99
Trillionaires - The Light
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "I was excited to hear they had dropped an EP and this didn't disappoint. It includes their single and brings yet more great songwriting to the fore over 8 tracks. It's pop/rock feel conjurs up Prefab Sproat and Deacon Blue with a little modern magic too. One's to watch."

CD EP - Self Released - TRILLP002 - £5.99Add to basket
Rawschac - Rawschac E.P.
Harking back to the rap-metal riot-ous days this is a welcome treat! The energy and punchiness is all here is stacks and it's melodic blend of metal vocals and tough rap will have you smashing up the system for sure!

CD EP - Self Released - RAWSC001 - £2.99Add to basket
Victor RPA - Big Sounds For Small People
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Beautifully built upon strings and piano, this accomplished mini album brings to mind Colin Blunstone and his 70's productions mixed with modern nod towards great orchestrated indie pop. It's rewarding stuff especially if you like sophisticated yet accessible song writing and I sense they'll go far. Recommended."

CD EP - Self Released - BSFSP001 - £7.99Add to basket
Marsicans - Chivalry E.P.
Really loving this winning combo of upbeat, highlife infused indie and crafty lyricism. It reminds me of Vampire Weekend and Arctic Monkeys in equal measures and if I'm honest they could hold their own with them any day...Someone give them a stadium support slot! Recommended!

CD EP - Self Released - MARSIC001 - £2.99
Andrei Nosov - Bright Lights Big City
Another giant leap into the Blues which sees Andrei perfect his craft channeling authentic electric blues ala Blues Breakers / Climax Blues Band and also the Chess / Checker electric blues period. Played with passion and a real understanding to what Blues is about he has the ability to make you double take and wonder if he was a long lost missing link....Still, he's here now and he even lends his own twist too. Recommended.

CD - Self Released - AN003 - £9.99
Andrei Nosov - Young Man's Blues
Shop favourite Andrei Nosov breaks from his former, well loved outfit, 'Elephants On Acid' to come up with this 14 tracker of blues-rock brilliance...A few cover versions rest alongside originals but trust me, this is 60/70's influenced blues rock at it's very best. Think Canned Heat, Blues Breakers, Climax Blues band et al. Recommended.

CD - Self Released - ANOS001 - £9.99
James Dey - The Night Time
Jumbo's Jack Donnison says "Heartfelt, intimate and nocturnal alt-folk from Mr. Dey...We like!"

CD - Self Released - DEY001CD - £6.99Add to basket
Foxes Faux - Fox Tales
Although we have folk instruments we also have some damn raucous, rompin' stompin' harmony-laden, country bumpin' indie infused, gypsy punkin' banjo picking zing! Recommended.

CD - Self Released - FOXF001 - £6.99Add to basket
Born Blonde - Radio Bliss
A little gem (which is very limited too) that reminds me a little of early Verve in the way it finds it's way into a slowburning, quite touching territory. Great Seahawks remix remix on the flip.

10" - Self Released - BB02 - £3.99Add to basket
Berlyn Trilogy - A Perfect Stranger
Strong ripples of 80's electronic/synth pop and the edgy darkness of early Gary Numan and Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark pulse through this great 12 tracker...Brought right up to date. Ones to watch for sure if you like it dark and sophisticated.

CD - Self Released - BERL001 - £10.99Add to basket
Das Pain - Joyride / Haunted Heart
A delicious and dramatic hop on board the slow, tender train of melancholy. This spirits up the songwriting of bands like The Tindersticks or Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds with it's poetic, thoughtful dark melody. Yet it ploughs it's own way too...One for lonely, whiskey fuelled reflective nights..Recommended.

7" - Self Released - PAIN001 - £5.99Add to basket
Ed Stones and the BD3 - Road Closed
Ed sets out his stall with the first blues blastin' track! Lyrically and musically this is top notch roots flavoured, smoke drenched, whisky drinkin' stomp!

CD - Self Released - BD3CD001X - £7.99
BLBX - Ozean
Look at the simple packaging that hides such a magnificent blur of sounds, from funked up glitch to splintered crunchy crazyness. It's rather accessible despite it's off kilter sonics, and well thought out and concieved and thankfully not a one track pony...Although they have a 'sound' it's not Xeroxed out in every track, 5 different sounding cuts soaking up a lot of different influences...Promising for sure. This will probably be the start of something big. Recommended stuff (not sure if it's their debut but i can see a bright future).

CD - Self Released - BLBX001 - £1.99Add to basket
Roger Davies - The Busker
More folk-flavoured finery from Roger who melds the personal and makes it personable...Some honest to goodness songwriting that remains stock full of empathy and wit. More please Roger....

CD - Self Released - BUSK001 - £9.99
Unstable Journey - Beast Market
For those about to psych...

Jumbo's Adam Gillison says "Sounding like they've been brought up on a heavy diet of grunge and psych rock, this is an impressively far-reaching CD. Think Sonic Youth, Pixies, Flying Saucer Attack, Carlton Melton. This Leeds band make a real racket, and I mean that nicely..."

CD - Self Released - UNSTAB00RCD - £9.99Add to basket
Coral Caves - Labyrinths Path
Dark and mysterious...this album slowly hypnotises you into it's funeral paced world...From the atmospheric Tenor and Alto Sax to the eerieness of Christos Pappas's vocals this mournful, yet fresh story brings to mind the doomier side of the Doors and perhaps a more folky version of a deathly opera. Excellent stuff.

CD - Self Released - CCLC001 - £7.99Add to basket
Nikk - The Way I Live / Brightest Star
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Within it's New-Wave/Post-Punk roots lies some catchy, honest songwriting which touches on love and loss. It reminds me a little of Elvis Costello's more tender moments. Well played and sung, I expect Nikk will be playing your town real soon! Check!"

CD SINGLE - Self Released - NKBBR1 - £4.99Add to basket
Ed Stones And The BD3 - This Is The Life
The follow-up to the self titled stomper from last year sees them treading similar themes...From their blues-y, cowboy punkish holla, to the indie-folk rockers yet they have a great mellow side too....Recommended.

CD - Self Released - BD3CD002X - £7.99
Saint Cole - Starchild / Diverse Intentions
Rave flavours mixed with old school warp fizz... very limited edition, so check now!!

2 x CD - Self Released - SCD011CD - £16.99Add to basket
Construct - Implements EP
Giddy electronics spark up construct's mash up of techno and rave ready samples... home brewed synthesis migrating skyward - if you haven't, do!!

12" - Self Released - DRR0001 - £9.99Add to basket
Ceiling Demons - Dual Sides
Metaphor-laden flows, philosophical taunts and subtly-spit musings all frazzling around a frame of ill-beats and samples (some Eastern influenced). A great example of the inventiveness of UK Hiphop right now. If you like 'Don't Talk To Strangers' or Chief Wigz insights then you'll love it!

CD - Self Released - CEILD001 - £4.99Add to basket
Ed Stones And The BD3 - Cook Book
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "The 3rd outing from Ed Stones And The BD3 sees a dark twisted western theme rub nicely against some heavy blues rock....The boogie riffs, the chuggin' pace and fantastic prose is still there but the production and direction points towards an even bigger audience!! Radion peeps take note that these guyts are going all the way!"

CD - Self Released - BD3CD003X - £9.99Add to basket
Coral Caves - Sometimes Shine
Local heroes Coral Caves walk the lines between lush, touching songwriting ala Echo And The Bunnymen and a slightly dark and gothic take on indie...Needless to say this 3 track E.P. is well worth checking out...

CD EP - Self Released - CPJ001 - £4.99Add to basket
Loz Campbell - Behind Closed Doors
Jumbo's Jack Donnison says "Acoustic warmth and a knack for song craft and catchy hooks."

CD EP - Self Released - LOZCAM001 - £3.99Add to basket
Minor Sailor - How Things Happen
Limited run of 250 CDs. Reykavik based folk-come-electro MINOR SAILOR creates vast swirling soundscapes encompassed by folk roots and ethereal sonic sounds.

CD - Self Released - MS001 - £10.99Add to basket
Douga - Mono No Aware
Brilliant E.P. that delves fruitfully into all kinds of musicality from melodic harmony, psyched pop and progressive indie...All with oceans of warmth...The song structures bound along with an energy that electrifies and never fails to capture your attention. A GREAT start to this years listening! Recommended!

CD - Self Released - DOUGA001 - £5.99Add to basket
Ella Janes - Leave It All Behind
There's a warm, blissful melancholy feel to the opening track that lends itself to the involving arrangements of Nick Drake which sets up this E.P. very nicely...Tender folk sounds wrapped in a flowing fragility that elevates Ella's vocals and songwriting to make her one to watch for sure....

CD EP - Self Released - EJ01CD - £4.99Add to basket
Gullich - Gullich
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Fundementally this is Math-ish, Punk-ish rage n' groove but at an angular, post-rock/art-rock degree...And it's REALLY great! An 8 track slurp of satisfaction, a multi-pack gulp of amazingness. Check it out and PLAY IT LOUD!"

LP - Self Released - GULLI001 - £11.99Add to basket
State Of Georgia - Roses And Swallows
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Lush contemporary pop songs with a dramatic indie sensibility that Georgina is so able to compose. Songs with meaning, fragile and gentle at times, powerful and forceful at others...Another great album with more great songwriting!"

CD - Self Released - ROSEWAL001 - £9.99Add to basket
Katie Dean - You Should Know
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Woah! This takes no prisoners at all....Superb voice (Check), Superb band (Check), Superb, and most importantly, catchy songwriting (Check). As you can see I really enjoyed this promising debut...Even the production is fantastic! 6music take note!"

CD - Self Released - KATDEA001 - £3.99Add to basket
Broken Flowers - Amaryllis
Great country sounds that give a folky, poppy feel..Excellent playing , compositions and vocals and fits well with the new country rock and pop around. They're also getting some great support slots so one's to watch.

CD EP - Self Released - BROK001 - £2.99
Solid Rock - York Street
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Uber catchy rock that brings to mind Tom Petty, Joe Jackson and reminds me of what great songwriting is all about... Top vocals and playing too... "

CD - Self Released - SR052012 - £6.99Add to basket
Lauren Rycroft - Tide Of The Mind
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "This is something special... Folk, indie and pop collide to create a compelling 6 tracker!!! Catchy vocals and stellar song-writing..."

CD - Self Released - LAURYC001 - £4.99Add to basket
Eskar - Zip It Shut
CD - Self Released - ESK001 - £7.99Add to basket
Zeitgeist - Zeitgeist
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Some spectacular, classy and addictive output from this jazz trio based around piano, bass and drums. Great (infact superb) playing means this puts them up there with the cream of the UK Jazz crop (Polar Bear, Nat Birchall, Matthew Hallsall et al). It reminds me at times of Placebo, Marc Moulin and even mid-seventies library music on De Wolfe...Creative, hypnotic and recommended."

CD - Self Released - ZEIT001 - £9.99Add to basket
Pimlican - Geht Enough / That Girl
Indie label R&B/Reggae hybrid that frames a poppy futuristic take on things. Part R&B, part pop with reggae samples.

CD SINGLE - Self Released - PIMLIC001CD - £2.99Add to basket
Humble Scoundrel - Banger/Put Your Finger On It
Reminding me of early Faith No More and 'Upliftmofopartyplan' era Red Hot Chili Peppers with it's funky, percussive approach HS also mix groovy rock riffage with a bluesy bounce-out...Recorded at Eiger Studio's I reckon this 3 piece will be playing the Key Club in no time!

CD EP - Self Released - HUMBLE001 - £4.99Add to basket
Gaye Device - Cutting Loose
More madness from the manic mind of wierd-tronica legend Gaye Device has hit the shop...Odd, strange but wonderful journey into electronics which has touches of house/dance but still is experimental in a way only Gaye Device can give...

CD - Self Released - GDCUT001 - £4.99Add to basket
Spirit Of John - Rats
Honing their rough and ready sound to a tee we raise our glasses to the loose, ramshackle S.O.J. from country-fried slackness to tub-thumpin' stomp, these folks are more than your average bunch of whisky glass philosophers... country done gone wild!

LP - Self Released - GINLP001 - £9.99Add to basket
Eye - Crushing Leaves
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "You know that futuristic feeling you get when sometimes you're listening to say, 60's psych bands like Silver Apples who used an almost proto-house music template and dance rhythms...Well Eye seem to do a similar thing, producing a far-flung hybrid or indie/leftfield/psychedelia warped by a far flung futuristism like electronica percussion without the electronica...This GROOVES and moves you with it's trippy percussive magic. Really really great!"

12" - Self Released - EYE002 - £6.99Add to basket
Maia - Finite World E.P.
Another great release from a band that seem to be getting quite a lot of love from radio at the moment...4 tracks taking in folk, indie and harmonious, catchy vibes yet spun through an almost 60's haze yet definitely in the present. Recommended for sure and one's to watch!

CD EP - Self Released - CHOQUE001 - £4.99Add to basket
Solid Rock - Four More
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Just like their name, this is solid rock for sure... Elements of boogie too. Perfectly played and able to sit easily amongst the greats like Tom Petty or even modern bands like The Killers!!!"

CD - Self Released - SR102013 - £3.99Add to basket
Bratan/The Genius Of Germs - I Am Your Shadow
CASSETTE - Very special cassette that combines shronking out-there jams with passionate prose...Noisy and in your face yet it still has a sort of melodic dignity about it that doesn't scare you off, add to that the angry, absorbing spoken word rants and it should really be quite a scary journey but instead it sucks you in to a free-form world of poetic genius. Recommended.

EP - Self Released - GOGCASS001 - £4.99Add to basket
Burning Hank - Seriously, It's Getting Us Down Now
12 tracks of songs that come heavily recommended indeed. It's an absolute gem that combines the fun and frolics of the Modern Lovers and Pavement into a more refined version of indie with folky and alt country splashes. With songs name checking how great Radio 4 is you know you're in great hands. A gem of of an album by local heroes.

CD - Self Released - HANK001 - £5.99
Happy Daggers - Get Yourself Together
Funky indie grooves that bounce along the same vibes as Sunshine Underground and other punk-funkers yet this could easily cross over to nu-funk too. With 2 nice remixes by Le Phreak and Secret Circuits this is a great 3 tracker full of summer sunshine fun.

CD SINGLE - Self Released - HAPDAG001 - £1.99Add to basket
Tomartyrs - DMT EP
DMT has been produced by Richard Turvey (Blossoms/Coral etc). Side A: 1. DMT (4:17) 2. Friday's Child (3:20) Side B: 1. How I Used To Move (4.54) 2. The Sun Of Mid-September (3.33)

Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "PRE-ORDER - VERY LIMITED PRESSING !!! Stunningly crafted guitar hypnotics, ear-worm vocals, perfect percussion and psyched-up song-writing. This will most probably be one of the best things you hear all year...It flickers with harmony, ideas, wild but accessible song-structures and with a feel good edge that's somehow warm and cool at the same time! Very Recommended! (and going straight in my record box)"

12" - Self Released - GBAK31200030 - £9.99Add to basket
Red Pills - Landmines For Clowns
CD - Self Released - REDPILL003CD - £9.99Add to basket
Jen Schande - 19 Songs For And Inspired By Velencia Chapter 19
A myriad of styles that gel together smoothly thanks to the passionate playing, with echoes of other era's poured into loosey based frameworks of everything from garage rock and grunge to delicate acoustic musings...It's an accomplished and rewarding album which on repeated listens gives up more and more of it's charm. Recommended.

CD - Self Released - JEN001CD - £4.99Add to basket
Jen Schande - 19 Songs For And Inspired By Velencia Chapter 19
A myriad of styles that gel together smoothly thanks to the passionate playing, with echoes of other era's poured into loosey based frameworks of everything from garage rock and grunge to delicate acoustic musings...It's an accomplished and rewarding album which on repeated listens gives up more and more of it's charm. Recommended.

LP - Self Released - JEN001LP - £6.99Add to basket
Declan Vink - Artificial Sunrise
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "There's a folk seam being mined throughout this indie blend, fluidly fiddling away though it's arrangements. Well written and performed songs that explore a few different styles but on the whole feel very much part of something special. Ones to watch."

CD EP - Self Released - VINK1 - £2.99Add to basket
Indecision - Swing Those Hips
Gettin' plenty of air-play on 6 Music and 1Xtra, The Indecision are making some serious waves with their skanking grooves and off-beat up-strokes!

7" - Self Released - BLGR45015 - £4.99Add to basket
Various Artists - Music Happens Here
Brilliant collection from Leeds College Of Music, focusing on lots of different styles and showing off the fact that LCM has been forming musicians of the highest calibre for years now...This is a multi genre'd treat packed with future stars. Particular favourite in the shop at the moment is Seb Forrest's 'You're Not So Special Now'...Once you've heard it you'll understand why.

CD - Self Released - LCM01CD - £9.99Add to basket
Dexter Dextrous And The Fingersmiths -
Funky maximum blues-ridden indie bop that WILL make you race around the room to it's rhythmic riot yet it's got the lurking presence of an edgy, darker almost angry side to it too. A great 4 tracker!

CD EP - Self Released - DEXDEX001 - £4.99Add to basket
Fighting Man - Sand On Diamond
Husky voiced songs of love, heartbreak and sorrow...Some nice instrumentation that often rocks out, and sometimes melts you away...Check!

CD - Self Released - FMCD001 - £7.99Add to basket
Lanterns On The Lake - Lungs Quicken
Three Track CD - 1.Lungs Quicken, 2. Sapsorrow, 3. Cello Song. From the North East of England, Lanterns on the Lake play a sparkly blend of cinematic post-pop. With starry songs and lustrous melody, this band carries notable references to the likes of Sigur Ros, Arcade Fire, Mazzy Star and Low. Since forming in 2008 Lanterns on the Lake’s DIY approach to music has seen them self-record, self-produce and self-release two EPs ‘The Starlight EP’ and ‘Misfortunes & Minor Victories’ as well as recent single ‘Lungs Quicken’. THE NEW ALBUM CALLED "GRACIOUS TIDE, TAKE ME HOME" IS NOW RELEASED

CD SINGLE - Self Released - LOTL001CD - £4.99Add to basket
Lanterns On The Lake - Starlight E.P.
Four Track E.P. - 1. My Shield, 2. If I Have Been Unkind, 3. In Starlight, 4. I Love You, Sleepyhead. From the North East of England, Lanterns on the Lake play a sparkly blend of cinematic post-pop. With starry songs and lustrous melody, this band carries notable references to the likes of Sigur Ros, Arcade Fire, Mazzy Star and Low. Since forming in 2008 Lanterns on the Lake’s DIY approach to music has seen them self-record, self-produce and self-release two EPs ‘The Starlight EP’ and ‘Misfortunes & Minor Victories’ as well as recent single ‘Lungs Quicken’. THE NEW ALBUM CALLED "GRACIOUS TIDE, TAKE ME HOME" IS NOW RELEASED

CD EP - Self Released - LOTL002CD - £4.99Add to basket
Lanterns On The Lake - Misfortunes And Minor Victories E.P.
Four Track E.P. - 1. A Kingdom, 2. Giants, 3. There's A Light In Your Home, 4. You Need Better. From the North East of England, Lanterns on the Lake play a sparkly blend of cinematic post-pop. With starry songs and lustrous melody, this band carries notable references to the likes of Sigur Ros, Arcade Fire, Mazzy Star and Low. Since forming in 2008 Lanterns on the Lake’s DIY approach to music has seen them self-record, self-produce and self-release two EPs ‘The Starlight EP’ and ‘Misfortunes & Minor Victories’ as well as recent single ‘Lungs Quicken’. THE NEW ALBUM CALLED "GRACIOUS TIDE, TAKE ME HOME" IS NOW RELEASED

CD EP - Self Released - LOTL003CD - £4.99Add to basket
Jacobean Ruff - Returning To me
Oooohh!! This is a lovely combo of indie-folk songwriting, gorgeously lush female vocals and all wonderfully orchestrated and composed into building, layered songs..The playing is great too (you can tell we like this). Recommended and ones to watch.

CD - Self Released - JR001 - £3.99
Mother's Auxillary - Winter E.P.
Recently this happened to work it's way onto the shop soundsystem which brought about a steady roll of 'asks' and made pleasantly surprised us. It's a moody mix of thematics, acoustica, acidic folk and spirited arrangements with added sampling to give it an electronica feel. Recommended.

CD - Self Released - MACD001 - £4.99Add to basket
March Violets - Made Glorious
LIMITED SIGNED INSERTS - What's not to love about this brilliant new album from Goth legends 'The March Violets'. Dark yet groovy drum patterns that perfectly pulse away, based around their classic new-wave/gothic 80's sound they've lost none of their song-writing magic and they've come up with an album that fits totally into today's contemporary indie dark-wave/cold-wave sounds. This my friends is the foundations upon which it was all built. Also comes with a bunch of excellent tasteful remixes too! Recommended.

2 x CD - Self Released - MARCHV001X - £12.99
Middleman - Counterstep
After years of grafting they've got their sound to a fine art...Exciting, sing-a-long, meaningful and full of joy! A kind of hip-hop hybrid that fuses rock/indie and elements of dance with passionate lyricism. They've come up with, in my opinion, their best release yet! Recommended.

LP - Self Released - MIDDLEMANLP003 - £19.99Add to basket
Various Artists - MW - Droozed On The Medium Wave (Vol 3)
Hand Printed Sleeve. Subtitled 'While You Were Sleeping Volume 3'. Another fantastic mix from the ever mysterious .MW. Balearic beaut's and psyched-out soulful bliss. A real journey through what must be a cracking record collection and a perfect CD for BBQ's and summer (if we get one or not). Highly Recommended.

CD - Self Released - MW001 - £8.99Add to basket
Roger Davies - Local Radio
Another winner from our Roger...Seriously great tales and stories, musings and thoughts on everything from Pubs, Rock n Roll, Remembrance Day the Tour D'Yorkshire and of course local radio all done in Rogers warm, funny yet moving style! Fast becoming a local legend he's really great live too! Recommended.

CD - Self Released - RD12 - £9.99
Red Pills - Northern Rock
Concept albums tend to be a bit thin on the ground nowerdays so it's refreshing to hear The Red Pills modern take on this once loved genre. 15 songs that map out the life of capitalism and the greed and poverty that balances so precariously...It tells the story through a power-pop/rock framework. Touches of the Who and Kinks with a nod towards punk too. Check.

CD - Self Released - NORTHERN001 - £9.99Add to basket
Various Artists - Orgreave Justice
Stunning 33 Track compilation supporting the Orgreave Truth And Justice Campain. Some brilliant bands and artists including amongst MANY others Billy Bragg, Chumbawamba, Blossoms, BlackLamps, TV Smith, Jon Langford, Chris T-T etc etc Musically it ranges from agit-pop, punk, folk, indie rock and more but it's protest songs a-plenty and some dynamite passion that's for sure. Recommended!

2 x CD - Self Released - ORJU001 - £9.99Add to basket
Hayley Gaftarnick - Circles
From the first cut 'Turn To Stone' you know this is going to be something special...And this collection of heartbreakers, ballads and musical musings sure is special. Built around Hayleys lush, strong vocalism and incredible band it's a funky, soulful journey through acoustic on the upbeat and pop on the downbeat. Very Recommended and I expect this to be massive by the end of 2015 as it knock the spots off some of the major label acts that attempt this kind of stuff!

CD - Self Released - HAYGAF001 - £9.99Add to basket
Philip Cockerham - Waiting For The Age Of Reason
This brilliantly realised folk album seems to pick up on the multitude of folk styles to create a hotpot of flavours...From the politics and wit of Billy Bragg, Nic Jones et al to the new stylings of the current crop like the Unthanks or Imagined Village...It totally traverses the old and new yet Philip has his own style and take on things too...even a nod to Colin Blunstone's beautiful harmonies...Spot on stuff.

CD - Self Released - PC001 - £7.99
Philip Cockerham - Janglebuddy
Philip's latest proves yet again that the man has a knack of turning observations into some mighty memorable tunes...Charismatic and powerful with an armoury of hooky guitar licks Philip's conjured up a more than worthy successor to his previous gem 'Waiting For The Age of Reason'. This time he's got some help from his musical friends...A brilliant slice of folk music's past. present and future...Recommmended.

CD - Self Released - PC002 - £7.99
People In Airports - Beats Ahoy
Spot on blast of new wave influenced goodness...It brings to mind Joe Jackson et al with a nice slice of power-pop excitement. A great debut well worth checking.

CD - Self Released - PIA001 - £5.99Add to basket
Cottonwoolf - Coming Up Roses
Witin the lovely packaging (it's a folded up hexagon) lies a sophisticated 2 track gem. It holds your attention with a bristling folk-edged charm that brings to mind Michael Head And The Strands (remember them?) or perhaps Wild Beasts / Villagers. Excellent stuff that left me wanting to track down more...

CD - Self Released - COTWOL001 - £1.99Add to basket
Los Trasgos Muertos - Los Trasgos Muertos
Tweaking the 70's rock freak in me, this at times, is a heavy blues rockin' riffage strewn romp with 60's garage fuzz undertones and at others this is just plain smooth gliding...Perfectly pitched this Manc band certainly put the 'Chest Hair' into Manchester yet it's fantastically creative, mixing up psych-y vibes, warm AOR production with top vocalism and musicianship! You can I tell I really like this can't you? Can't wait to see them live! Recommended.

CD EP - Self Released - LTM001EP - £4.99Add to basket
P. R. Haughton - Blues
Accomplished 14 tracker that shows off the talent and styles of this well respected local bluesman. Often seen playing the Grove and elsewhere P.R. Haughton comes heavy with some immersive blues that ripples with straight up grooviness, sliding and bending up a storm. Peter's voice lends itself perfectly to the Mississippi magic with his blues twang and warmth. Great guitar playing and great vocals...What more do you want? A great debut.

CD - Self Released - PRH001CD - £9.99Add to basket
ZX+ - Sickly
Often my favourite listen's come from solitary visions like this. Stephen Evan's compositions were also performed, recorded, produced and pushed by him, lending a person vision to this emotional, fun-loing, ambitious slab of wax. Playful, often psychedelic glimpse sit next to straight ahead raw catchiness. Hat's off to him. This is a recommended record of one man's imagination, and I bet we will be hearing more from him soon! Reminds me a bit of Chris TT and even Deerhoof.

LP - Self Released - PRRI - £9.99Add to basket
Roger Davies - Songs In Plain English
An original local folk hero, our Roger is a total delight...Crafting some incredible folk songs that are intimately tied to local places, this comes recommended.

CD - Self Released - RD006 - £9.99Add to basket
Roger Davies - Northern Trash
More Yorkshire folk with Roger, lifting us up with some really clever and sometimes moving observations. If you've not seen him live around these parts then you should definately check him out...Although any one of his albums (finally in stock at Jumbo) should let you see what's in store.

CD - Self Released - RDNT001 - £9.99
Jacobean Ruff - Sunlight
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "If I were to pin down what I like most about J.R. so much I'd say that it's because they create such dramatic energy within such a loose, playfulness...Another Juxtaposition would be a kind of powerful prettiness that permeates their songs. It's an accomplished, sophisticated mini album enhanced by great playing, production, vocals and some mighty impressive ideas..One's to watch and recommended for sure!"

CD - Self Released - JR002 - £4.99Add to basket
Vendettas - Long Island Iced Tea
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Really enjoyed this 2 track CD...Showing off their songwriting with a combo of rhythm & Blues influenced modern freakbeat/garage/new-wave paired with a memorable, touching ballad about growing up in a working class area...Spot on lyrics, spot on vocals and spot on band! One's to watch!"

CD SINGLE - Self Released - VENDET001EP - £2.99
Bus Stop Madonnas - Bus Stop Madonnas E.P.
INCLUDES DOWNLOAD AND BADGES - 5 Track E.P on Blue vinyl and this, my friends, is MAXIMUM rock and roll! A garage punk gem that nails it...Hook-laden songs, raging lyricism and It made me want to jump over the counter and run around the shop like Daffy Duck! If you dig Wayne/Jayne Country, early Replacements or other equally stompin' bands then this comes highly recommended!

7" EP - Self Released - BSM001 - £4.99Add to basket
D Courtney - Succinct
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "The fertile musical mind of Mr Courtney has produced another release of psyched-up new-wave sounds....And boy is this self release brilliant! With warm sounding experiments in production that cross-over into pop and rock with a home studio feel but with the imagination to take it to another place. I get the sense that a lot of fun was had making this and to me it contains all the right elements to be a future private pressed classic! Imagine the Beta Band jamming with Messathetics label and you're half way there..."

LP - Self Released - ERLP022015 - £11.99Add to basket
Cara Hammond - Ray
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Cara has a real talent in not only writing some super soulful songs, but also her voice - and the band she's got together - are fantastic! I wouldn't be surprised it I see her on 'Later with Jools Holland' soon! Recommended jazz/soul brilliance!"

CD - Self Released - CARHAM001 - £6.99Add to basket
Return To Aljustrel - Tell The People I'm Not Coming Down
From the easy glide grooves and the folk-rock touches you can tell straight away that this isn't going to be like your run of the mill album...What sets it apart from the current crop is that it seems to tastefully pick out the warm, almost progressive hooks of the 70's rock and pop scene and beams it forward into a contemporary indie rock album. Recommended.

CD - Self Released - RTA001 - £6.99Add to basket
Michael J Hex - Johnny Horse
Skuzzed up, lo-fi avant-rock that slides in the sleu of many a Pavement/Sebadoh/Swell Maps tune... This is veritably enigmatic and thoroughly wayward... And super rare. In short: fire!

CD - Self Released - NF1996CD - £10.99Add to basket
Gee Sunray - Take It Easy Cheesy
Local busking legend takes us on a trip around his mind with his take on dance mixed with rock, Includes his busking hit 'Leeds Life'.

CD EP - Self Released - SUNRAY002 - £4.99Add to basket
Sunwolf - Beyond The Sun
Passionate post-rock that slowly goes up and at em' with a lurching, slow lumber into drum thudding, guitar strumming epicness!

CD EP - Self Released - SUNW001 - £4.99Add to basket
Tag Team Preacher - Sell It To Me
We're feeling the story-telling / 70's new-wave and contemporary indie vibe.

CD EP - Self Released - TAGT001 - £3.99Add to basket
Heir - When The Lights Went Out
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Accomplished songwriting and a flair for poppy, harmony laden songs that bring to mind bands like Glass Caves and Skinny Living, these guys are great! Radio-land take note...These guys will go far!"

CD EP - Self Released - HEIR001 - £4.99Add to basket
Michael J Hex - This Hiss Explosion
Succinctly summarised by the album's title: this is an explosion of indie-psych hiss straight from the bowels of a Tascam 4 track... Skuzzed up, lo-fi avant-rock that slides in the sleu of many a Pavement/Sebadoh/Swell Maps tune... This is veritably enigmatic and thoroughly wayward... And super rare. In short: fire!

CD - Self Released - NF002CD - £10.99Add to basket
Whatevers - Art & Sex
My Oh My!!! What fantastic album is this? Layers of indie led lovability...This pinches out the whole musical stem creating some wonderful triumphs married faithfully to deft lyricism. This reminds me of Belle And Sebastian's debut, not musically but more in that it's full of possibilities, passion and promise. It's gopt a real D.I.Y. feel to it without at all being lo-fi, and it seems at ease travesing indie-rock/new wave and leftfield sensibilities. Very recommended and straight on the JUMBO playlist!

CD - Self Released - WHAT001 - £4.99Add to basket
Clare Kelly - Elusive Yusef
Dreamy, soulful and at times dramatic...This excellently produced 3 tracker steps between leftfield pop and soul and it's covered with jazzy and electronic elements that bubble under some great vocals from Clare. A great look at things to come.

CD - Self Released - ELUSEF001 - £3.99Add to basket
Those Delta Wolves - Fire Is Spreading
Phew! Some heavy-osity on offer here...Like being taken out for drink by the local biker gang, this gets real raucous and wild!! Pitched between blues rock boogie and a sort of metal/punk groove that's reminiscent of Danzig it'll leave you breathless and frighten your neighbours but man, you're gonna want to see em' live! Recommended.

CD EP - Self Released - TDW001 - £3.99Add to basket
First Principle - DC Hero
Storming punk metal pop shannanaghans!! Super catchy to the max, this 2 tracker will have you shouting along in no time!! If you like your music fast, furious with a sence of fun then this will be your bag for sure!

CD SINGLE - Self Released - DCH140114 - £3.99Add to basket
Roger Davies - The Yorkshire Songwriter
If you don't know it already by now, we're MASSIVE fans of Roger. He's a local folk hero with international appeal and this double CD compiles both earlier albums 'Northern Trash' and 'The Busker' as a double CD so it's the perfect place to check him out. Superb songwriting that manages to be funny, charming and also poignant too. He even manages to hook-up with the Brighouse And Rastrick band on one of the tracks. Highly Recommended.

2 x CD - Self Released - RD08 - £14.99
Patrick Craig - It Will Get Better
Fans of Chris TT and I am Kloot will dig this magic mix of passionate songwriting and clever tunes.

EP - Self Released - PATCRA001 - £2.99Add to basket
Zealous Doxy - Zealous Doxy
Incredible debut from this local duo, blending acid folk and roots music into an involving evolution of '60s/'70s folk and modern magnificence. If you love it sassy then this is for you...Based around a stripped down sound of banjo and lush vocals, it will appeal to fans of Bonnie Dobson, First Aid Kit and the weirder side of folk/roots. Highly Recommended.

CD - Self Released - ZDOX001 - £4.99Add to basket
Philip Cockerham - Running Man
This, in my opinion, the best album so far by Philip is a prime example of his powerful songwriting skills. At times forceful, at others moving but all very much brilliantly crafted in a contemporary folk style. It's strong roots lie in the last 50 years of folk, with strong politics (personal and societal) and a story-telling form that's warm and familiar without ever being shmaltzy...If you don't know Mr. Cockerham by now then you soon will...He's gonna be one of our best known folkies before long. Highly Recommended.

CD - Self Released - PHILC001 - £11.99Add to basket
Issimo - If You Know How (Cassette)
CASSETTE WITH DOWNLOAD - B-Side is the official house remix by Simon Firth - Vibrant, bouncy and with suitably nice horn section htese guys add up to some appealling indie pop/rock that makes me want to see them live. Lively and great!

EP - Self Released - ISSIM001 - £3.99Add to basket
Dexter Dextrous And The Fingersmiths - The Enforcer E.P.
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "4 tracks of funk/soul on this great E.P. that brings to mind blaxploitation films such as 'Shaft' and 'Superfly' crossed with the fab funk sounds of Daptone Records and other modern labels...We got some impressive big band instrumentation (horn heaven) and some real powerful sounds radiating from this and it sure sounds great on vinyl...Bet they're great live too!"

12" - Self Released - DEX00112 - £4.99Add to basket
Ben Buddy Slack And Siobhan Donnelly - Shallow Roots
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Stripped down into a perfect form of delicate vocals and fiddle/guitar this is a real roots-y affair which pricks up our ears with it's dark tenderness and forces you to listen. A great team-up with Siobhans gorgeous vocals complimenting Ben's husky, deep tones. Check!"

CD - Self Released - BBSSD001 - £4.99Add to basket
Lyrical Alliance - Piffy Clyro
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Another hot joint from a local crew. Lyrical Alliance combine positive, powerful and raw lyricism spat convincingly over some fresh, sick beats and samples!! It's a passionate peek into not just the top notch local hiphop scene but also to the problems, struggles and, in the case of these guys, the solutions to the grind of everyday life. Check!"

CD - Self Released - LAPC001 - £4.99Add to basket
Bearfoot Beware - World Owes You Nowt
I'm a bit of a fan so was eager to hear this new long-player and guess what? The waiting has sure paid off big time! This comes together like a savage sonic kick to the speakers...A manic meld of flipped out percussion, zappy guitars and angry, jerky energy...Oh and those VOCALS!!! Behind the sparks there lies a fire-starting lyrical specialness and poetic flare too! Recommended!

CD - Self Released - VOCCP001 - £7.99Add to basket
Oliver Pinder - Island Rain
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Effortlessly blending acoustics and electronics into a lush, warm and dreamy sound this is built upon great songwriting....Oliver's soulful approach makes this a real treat to listen to, it's harmony laden feel and knack at moving you makes me think that it won't be long before he's a household name! Very Recommended and one to watch!"

CD - Self Released - OLIVPIN001 - £4.99Add to basket
Oliver Pinder - Island Rain
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Effortlessly blending acoustics and electronics into a lush, warm and dreamy sound this is built upon great songwriting....Oliver's soulful approach makes this a real treat to listen to, it's harmony laden feel and knack at moving you makes me think that it won't be long before he's a household name! Very Recommended and one to watch!"

12" - Self Released - OLIVPIN00112 - £9.99
Andy Taft - Think For Me
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "I'm willing to bet that Andy will make it all the way. His songwriting is incredibly smooth with lyricism so heartfelt that takes you up and down through love and heart-break or implores you to smile, with production that brilliantly ekes out his bands musicanship and soulful vocals. If you dig blue-eyed soul of the likes of Kenny Thomas, Steely Dan and even Ned Doherty then this is most definitely in the ball-park. Sunshine grooves that will be picked up by radio in no time!"

CD - Self Released - TAFT003 - £9.99Add to basket
Ben Buddy Slack - Miserabelia
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "An emotional Odyssey through the themes of depression, loneliness and melancholy, and a very self aware album this is. Ben is best known for his band Blind Dead McJones output of blues rock but this is a fragile leap into tender and delicate territory. Heartfelt, revealing and all the better for it!"

CD - Self Released - BBS015 - £5.99Add to basket
Track And Field - You Are Home E.P.
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "This 4 track E.P. of well written (some great lyrics on offer here) and brilliantly played reminds me of the feel and passion of the early Dischord Records releases with it's switched on energy and leftfield approach to punk/indie-rock. Without feeling stretched or over produced it has a rawness that points to a seriously great live band too! More please!"

7" EP - Self Released - TAF0017 - £5.99Add to basket
Keith Davies - Re-Animate
Matal mania easily on par with System of a Down. Stoming, take no prisioners stuff!

CD - Self Released - KEITH002CD - £6.99Add to basket
Fold - Written In The Sky
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Superb 4 Tracker by a band we've been tipping for a long time! They're already on the radar of 6music and through their graft and talent they've side-stepped the PR company hype and struck out on their own to create a slinky super-tight mix of jazz and funk instrumentation played with real talent and combined it with some darn fresh jazz-oetry and rapping positivity. There's a persuasive deep message running round the fresh vibes and I can heavily recommend this EP. "

12" - Self Released - FOLDFM110EP - £9.99Add to basket
Canning - 21st Century Water
Psyched up, beat flecked indie experimentalism... It's an idle indie dreamer but it's still a surfed up melodic mover... Fire!

CD - Self Released - GJ004CD - £10.99Add to basket
Buddy Wolf - That Rock 'n' Roll Feeling
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Frantic action that conjurs up both new-wave snottiness ala Undertones and the real neo-rockabilly feel of early Stray Cats...Bet they're great live too! 2 tracks that's have you boppin'!"

CD EP - Self Released - BUDWOLF001 - £2.99Add to basket
Zeitgeist Zero - Ghosts Of Victory
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Another delve into the deliciously dark world of 'Z.Z.'. Mixing up gothic rock, cyber and cabaret elements into a really suductive and sure of itself release which goes to demonstrate why they're one of the best bands on the Goth scene at the moment. They casually side-step the trap of echoing the past and stride towards the future with well played and sung engaging songs full of moody charm...Gothic brilliance!"

CD - Self Released - ZZMCD004 - £9.99Add to basket
Zeitgeist Zero - Ghosts Of Victory
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Another delve into the deliciously dark world of 'Z.Z.'. Mixing up gothic rock, cyber and cabaret elements into a really suductive and sure of itself release which goes to demonstrate why they're one of the best bands on the Goth scene at the moment. They casually side-step the trap of echoing the past and stride towards the future with well played and sung engaging songs full of moody charm...Gothic brilliance!"

LP - Self Released - ZZMLP004 - £19.99Add to basket
Kumiko - Speak / Easy
Thoughtful, confident and VERY special...This is a 5 track love letter to your ears that gorgeously combines elements of jazz, indie-slackness and beautifully imagined instrumentation with thoughtful lyrics and fantastic female vocals...There's a lush pace to all this that's really free too...One's to watch and I expect big things..Recommended!

CD - Self Released - SELF38 - £4.99
Keith Davies - Electogenesis
Hard rocking metal that brings to mind Pantera or Slipknot. Tough and brill.

CD - Self Released - KEITH001CD - £3.99Add to basket
The Horn The Hunt - The Last Winter (Book & Download)
Wonderful 40 page book of colour prints and an 8 track download...This is a fantastic, visionary idea. The beautiful book of prints really has some stunning photographs combined with wonderful poetic lyrics...Add to that the download of drifty, ghostly songs and you have something really special...Recommended.

EP - Self Released - THTHBOOK001 - £14.99Add to basket
Controls - Nowhere
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Solid indie rock that takes in all sorts of influences, from jangly pop, power pop, slack-core and even, with the acoustic version of 'I Can't Stand' some lovely psych folk. If this is a taste of what's to come then it's a great debut. "

CD EP - Self Released - CONT001CD - £1.99Add to basket
Broken Flowers - So Many Shadows
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Taking influences from Country, Rock and Americana tinged pop the new 6 tracker ticks all the right Bob Harris boxes...Expect to hear big things soon. "

CD EP - Self Released - BROFLOW001 - £4.99Add to basket
Post War Glamour Girls - Live At St. Austin's (+CD)
Live and direc'... Shop compadres, and local indie rawwwk stalwarts Post War Glamour Girls dish out some serious riffage on their latest LIVE outing... If you haven't, do!

LP - Self Released - PHOPHSR003 - £14.99Add to basket
Blackmeatrader - Proximity
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Gasps of terror emanate from Jumbo as the new Blackmeatrader CD's drops...More harsh outlaw oddness with a magic burnt-out bizarro edge. This is heavy, twisted and shocking stuff from a manic mind of fertile fright...If you dig Throbbing Gristle or experimental noise you'll LOVE it!"

CD - Self Released - DV006 - £4.99Add to basket
Gale - Shiny Shiny (Venus In Furs)
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Very recommended dark delight which takes the Velvet's classic and gives it a gothic twist... A whispered dance and electronic treat!!!"

CD EP - Self Released - MDM2016 - £1.99Add to basket
Cosmic Jet Crash - Stun Raid on Planet X
Jumbo's Rebecca Jane says "Recorded in analogue, and sounding great for it! Stabby sounds nodding between punk, psych and straight up rock. Sounds right outta the 70s. GREAT!"

CD - Self Released - COSM001CD - £9.99Add to basket
JTR & Nick Drinkwater - Costanza
Jumbo's Rebecca Jane says "Joint collaberation between the northern pair, they've been independently writing and producing their debut album in Leeds. Think north alt. hip hop meets and acoustic guitar."

CD - Self Released - JTR001CD - £4.99Add to basket
Captain Of The Lost Waves - Hidden Gems / Chapter 1
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "9 tracks of folk-tinged triumph enhanced by some choice spoken word samples and noises. This is but one element of an impressive package that combines thoughtful prose with some fantastic artwork, leaving you feeling like you're holding something really special in your hands. Some seriously great tunes to explore. If you dig Wild Beasts or any of the new breed of British folk then this comes highly recommended!"

CD - Self Released - BBC00216 - £9.99
Hoodoo Operators - Do You Hoodoo?
The answer is yes if this cracking vinyl release of their EPs is anything to go by! Slinking around rootsy blues and hokum with playful panache, this record is an instant hit with staff and customers alike...a turn of gritty groove and honky covered blues. It's a winner!!

LP - Self Released - HOODOO1LP - £11.99Add to basket
DJ Agent M. - Uncanny
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Impassioned, direct and thoughtful lyricism atop soulful beats... Check it out!"

CD - Self Released - DJACD004 - £4.99Add to basket
Vanessa Forero - From The Uproar
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Pop smashers with an organic instrumental sensibility... Uke-y, loosey, poppy... MELODIC FIRE!!!"

CD - Self Released - VANFORE001 - £4.99Add to basket
Poppy Rose - Poppy Rose EP
Jumbo's Jack Donnison says "Sparse and subtle instrumentation accented by some seriously emotive melodies... Take note!"

CD - Self Released - POP002CDEP - £4.99
Cosmic Jet Crash - Mainline Repeater
Jumbo's Jack Donnison says "Komische flavoured joy and ripplings of early (Psychocandy-era Jesus and Mary Chain) make this one riotously raucous record... Take note!"

CD - Self Released - COSMICJ001CD - £4.99Add to basket
Mik Artistik's Ego Trip - Alive
Jumbo's Jack Donnison says "Tenacious poetics and a bona fide punk aesthetic meld magnificently on Mik's latest long player... Take note!"

2 x CD - Self Released - MIK004CD1 - £14.99Add to basket
Jupiter Sounds - Dark Days on Earth (Cassette)
Jumbo's Jack Donnison says "Cassette-fresh analog blissers that feel fine tuned and holistically though through."

CD SINGLE - Self Released - JUPS002 - £4.99Add to basket
Analog Bombs - Lower State of Consciousness
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "You can't go wrong with Analog Bombs hot rockin' ska punk magic... It'll make you jump up, it'll make you happy but beneath the fun lies some serious thoughtful messages."

CD - Self Released - ANBO001 - £7.99Add to basket
Rumjig - Rumjig
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Sizzling sounds that bring to mind the jazzy triphop of Moloko, the playful jazz of Paloma Faith and nu-funk/jazz elements of Schema... This pop/jazz hybrid is cool as hell with a whooping 8 tracks to keep you grooving... Love the female vocals, love the musicianship... Check!"

12" - Self Released - BBS004LP - £10.99Add to basket
Harriets - The Harriets - EP
A Plethora of influences seeping into this 4-track EP, packing all your surfing psych needs with fine fine song writing.

CD EP - Self Released - HARHAROO1 - £2.49Add to basket
Sandra's Wedding - Northern Powerhouse
Jumbo's Jack Donnison says "Tender twee-pop for all you angsty janglers out there... Get this now if you dig the love-lorn laconicism of The Violent Femmes, Talulah Gosh, C86 etc..."

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Steve Gardner + the Mission Express - Bathed in Comfort
When the stars align, great things happen and when Steve met Chuck Prophet, we got a real English-centric Amaricana crossover going on... like The Meckons it had real country twang and English Wit!

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Steve Gardner + the Mission Express - Bathed in Comfort
When the stars align, great things happen and when Steve met Chuck Prophet, we got a real English-centric Amaricana crossover going on... like The Meckons it had real country twang and English Wit!

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Santino - Big Swirl
Picture Disc - Swirl

Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Soulful blend of modern pop and Nu-Funk. Already selling fast this self released EP has elements of P-Funk, R&B, smooth electronics and a sweet charm. Think sunshine laden summer daze and happy times, Santino looks to be an up and coming pop hero so watch this space."

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Silver Reserve - Silver Reserve
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Simply superb in so many ways, from the beautiful songwriting, lyricism and harmonious vocals which reflect a sweet joyfulness yet sometimes bitter note of melancholy to the artful playing and song-construction it's easy to think you've stumbled across something really special. It's a cut above in so many ways and easily accessible enough to be the 'next big thing'. If you dig Fleet Foxes or Wild Beasts then you'd be in the same ballpark, this is something VERY special. Highly Recommended."

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8Mana - Sorry Julia
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Purposeful, expansive, mind messing electronica that side-steps introversion and noodling and reaches out first to thirsty ears and then to dancing feet and open minds. Glitch, sample-led 'fonk n' beats', psyched-out synth and ambience and a pulsing off-kilter boogie all frame this recommended release! Bravo! More please!"

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Harriets - The Hangers On / Celandine (LIMITED SIGNED COPIES)
Pre-Release Out on 29/07/17 (the band themselves will be playing an instore on that day too).

Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "The Harriets are fast proving to be a dynamic local outfit capable of writing uber catchy songs (so catchy that they've won over the public when busking their own material). This single is another reason why we think they'll soon be everyone's favourite new band too."

CD SINGLE - Self Released - HARRIET002 - £1.99Add to basket
Astraluna - The Pass of Storms
Jumbo's Jack Donnison says "Ethereal, delicately delivered folk with a romantic focus on the immensity of nature... Heavy with lush harmonies and plinking, gauzy strings: this cultivates an atmosphere all of its own. If you haven't, do!"

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