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Dawn Of Midi - Dysnomia

CD: £13.99

Label: Erased Tapes

Release date: 30.05.2015

Further Information

With Dysnomia, the Brooklyn-based group Dawn of Midi abandons improvisation in favour of composition, utilising sophisticated rhythmic structures from North and West African folk traditions to weave a sonic tapestry of trance-inducing grooves. From close up one may see only dots, but when stepping back an undulating image reveals itself. “We didn’t want to create anything cerebral,” says Belyamani, “we wanted something visceral, something that would awaken our instinctive dance impulses.”

Staff Reviews

Hypnotic loops of bass, drums and piano, with rhythms developed from a basis in north and west African traditions, all played live in the studio to create a sound that is all acoustic but feels electronic. Minimalist rhythm experimentation on Erased Tapes Records.

By Adam Gillison



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