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Blank Realm - Illegals In Heaven

CD: £11.99

Label: Fire

Release date: 04.09.2015

LP: £16.99

Label: Fire

Release date: 04.09.2015

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Hook-laden throughout, Blank Realm unleash their wild yet tender new album ‘Illegals In Heaven’ which offers up freaked out reflections on life, love and circumstance. As knowing as the Chills or the Pretenders, loner ballads are as gnarled and world weary as Dylan in a cacophony as bruised as Royal Trux yet with the playfulness of Half Japanese. Recorded and produced with Lawrence English (head of the Room40 label) on a late night at The Plutonium studio in Brisbane, the album sees them on their first foray into a recording studio. While it wasn’t exactly Abbey Road, it truly captures the chaos and majesty of the band’s formidable live shows.

Staff Reviews

Brisbane's Blank Realm set a new standard on basement rock'n'roll. Unstoppable pop wrapped in layers of distortion, for fans of Velvet Underground, Rolling Stones, Royal Trux or the Clean. Great record.

By Adam Gillison



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