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Ketev - I Know No Weekend

LP: £13.99

Label: Portals Edition

Release date: 01.07.2016

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The flawed wonders that Yair Elazar Glotman puts forth on his latest opus I Know No Weekend are the coldest dreams you would ever wish to immerse yourself in. They recall echoes of echoes, forced into slowly struggling shapes; ghosts of memories, whispers of life from another dimension. Shamanic-repetitive beats shift slowly beneath echoing bells and fragments of past transmissions. Overwhelmingly, one is taken into upon a winding mental path, with no clear resolution in sight, although the journey is ever-evolving and new. The listener perceives a great mechanism at the edges of this mass of sound, a machinery of blackened iron that grinds ceaselessly, opening vast spaces to the ear. Howling winds caress the nerves like ground glass, opening up the long limits of the Void. These are the siining harmonics of entropy.

Staff Reviews

Ambient euphony and Eno-esque evocation... Get cloudy.

By Jack Donnison



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