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Mark Van Hoen - Nightvision

CD: £13.99

Label: Saint Marie

Release date: 13.11.2015

LP: £19.99

Label: Saint Marie

Release date: 04.12.2015

Further Information

UK born, but LA-based artist Mark Van Hoen continues to contribute to the electronic music fields and fabrics from the inspirations, observations and movements experienced in the past three plus decades. From earlier Eno, Industrial & Krautrock affinities found in the earliest output going back to 1981, to entering the rave and post-rave cultures of acid-house, dance based pulses with his R&S affiliated imprint Apollo Records debut in 1993. With a background working in the media realms of television, radio, film; Mark's foray into the new electronic etched realms of drone and dance pop saw releases from Touch, Editions Mego, City Centre Offices, The Tapeworm, to Saint Marie Records, and still counting. He has contributed to the double helix of the EDM / IDM canons and to a wealth of notable collaborations and numerous side projects. Aurobindo: Involution was made with Seefeel's Daren Seymour, a collaboration with Slowdive's Neil Halstead and Nick Holton as Black Hearted Brother, work with Louis Sherman as Locust, Martin Maeers with Children of the Stones, and a plethora of remixes. Van Hoen's new album Nightvision for Saint Marie Records finds the artist discovering modern day applications for his electro-droning visions of sound. Returning to form, Nightvision switches on the high and low beams that send scanning synths that drive through the infinite interstates through the engines of steady rhythm and the power steering smarts of serious synthesizers.

Staff Reviews

Another fantastic release from Mark Van Hoen. Sombre synths and hip hop infused beats underpin tracks that tread uneasily between fragmentary songwriting and ambient sound. Essential listening for fans of Boards Of Canada, Brian Eno or the Ghost Box label.

By Adam Gillison



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