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Jack Rose - Kensington Blues

CD: £14.99

Label: VHF

Release date: 23.09.2016

LP: £23.99

Label: VHF

Release date: 23.09.2016

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Kensington Blues is the fourth full-length release from Jack Rose and his most diverse outing by far. The album is an inspired mix of styles and sounds, with straight ragtime, heavy 12-string, and that sweet, sweet Weissenborn lap guitar all checking in. Honed during endless touring in 2004, the repertoire here is delivered with maximum authority in a series of first-take performances recorded in early 2005. “Cathedral et Chartres” and “Calais to Dover” are dense, brooding 12-string numbers, recalling the key tracks on 2004’s Raag Manifestos; “Rappahanock River Rag” and “Flirtin’ with the Undertaker” are pure syncopated ragtime; the epic “Now That I’m a Man Full Grown” was the signature piece of many live shows, a display of mind-boggling slide invention that straddles the line of East and West à la “Yaman Blues” from the Opium Musick LP. In something of a surprise inclusion, Rose’s take on John Fahey’s “Sunflower River Blues” (long a staple of Pelt and solo gigs but never included on a record) is subtle and expressive, with a wonderful rise and fall that perfectly accentuates Fahey’s beautiful melody.

Staff Reviews

A set of first-take recordings, these tracks are beautiful examples of Jack Rose's solo guitar playing - rural American folk instrumentals stacked full of invention and vivid imagery. Seven original pieces and a take on John Fahey's 'Sunflower River Blues'. Reissue from 2005...

By Adam Gillison

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