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17.07.21 - RECORD STORE DAY 2021 - DROP 2 (17/07/21)

The first Record Store Day drop last month was an absolute blast. We had so much fun and hope our customers did too, thanks so much for all the support!

Though things are slowly getting back to normal, the extension of the restrictions (to the 19th July) means that we have been given the option by the RSD organisers to continue to run appointments for Drop 2. As the wellbeing and peace of mind of our customers and Jumbo team is our principle concern, that�s what we are going to do! We�ve had largely positive feedback from you on the appointments system so we really hope you�ll be happy with out decision.

So how will it work? We will be operating an appointment based system just like we did for drop 1. These will run every half an hour from 8am-11am with 20 slots per session. At 11am we'll be opening our doors for walk-ins and general browsing. All remaining stock from Drop 2 will be available to purchase online from our website at 6pm that same evening.

Details on how our Book/Collect/Enjoy system will work below...


In keeping with the first come first served nature of RSD, places in the Shopping Slots will be available to be reserved via our website at 10:00 A.M on Saturday 10th July. There will be limited tickets available for each of the slots which are strictly one per person. The cost of a ticket will be 3 pounds as a way of securing the spot. When you come to the shop the 3 pounds paid will be deducted from the amount you spend in the shop. Below is the link to RSD Shopping Slots on the Jumbo Website.

Click here


Once you've successfully purchased your shopping slot ticket, we'll send you a confirmation. When you arrive on the day we will give you your queue position within your time slot which will be clearly marked out - your specific position within this hour will be chosen at random by ballot. We will also get in touch asking for a list of the records that you are after. We're not guaranteeing you're going to get everything you want, but it will help us prepare for your arrival and to serve you as quickly as possible, meaning you can get in and out safely! Your list isn't cast in stone and if you decide you'd like something else or don't want something, then that's fine. If we think it looks like there is a chance you�ll get less than half the things you asked for and you are likely to be disappointed, then we�ll be in touch. We were pleased that on Drop 1 that there were very few such circumstances.


We will have a system in place that maintains the spirit and excitement of a "traditional" RSD. Those people who want to come to the shop will not need to worry about arriving early or having to experience excessive queuing times. You will be able to focus on enjoying your trip - the anticipation, banter and excitement of seeing what records you are able to get and then getting them home and playing them on your record decks......We can't wait!!



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