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The Reliance


Thursday 16.04.2020

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Doors 8pm // Age Restriction 18+

The heart is a drum

The rhythm is like life. It’s about keeping going, moving on. - Klaus Dinger The heart is a drum is the story of how a broken heart suffered by a young drummer from Düsseldorf in 1971 ended up inspiring some of the most influencial musicians in the world over the following decades. After the breakdown of a relationship with a Swedish girl in the summer of 1971, Klaus Dinger, went back to his home in Düsseldorf where he found refuge with his drums. By relapsing into a repetitive pulsating beat he was smitten by an overwhelming sensation of not giving up. The unique drumming style that evolved in that quest to regain his lost love was later dubbed Motorik for its mesmerising, metronomic simplicity. The ensuing trail that was blazed by Dinger in his bands NEU! and later La Düsseldorf became a pathway that generations of innumerable musicians would follow in the ensuing decades. Brian Eno decreed that Dinger’s Motorik was one of only three great beatsthat evolved through the whole of the 70s: along with Fela Kuti’s Afrobeat and James Brown’sfunk, whilst David Bowie whose trilogy of albums Low, Heroes and Lodger was massively influenced by Dinger, declared that ’La Düsseldorf provided the soundtrack of the 80s’. It was a sentiment that was shared by the likes of Iggy Pop, Sonic Youth, Gudrun Gut and Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream to name but a few. This documentary looks at the birth of the beat and how that beat resonated with those who recognized Dinger’s never ending search for something deep within themselves.

The Documentary

At the end of the 90s director Jacob Frössén read an interview in a Swedish magazine with Klaus Dinger, where he talked about his Swedish girlfriend whom he met in 1971 and with whom he went on vacation in Sweden the same summer. In the interview he also talked about his relation to drumming and his thoughts on the so called Motorik beat created in NEU! ”Since I’m a drummer myself I was really intrigued. I believe it was the Swedish connection and the fact that they went to a lake near Södertälje (where I have spent many summers) to record the water sounds for ”Lieber Honig” and ”Im Glück” [both from 1972 debut album NEU!] that fascinated me, and the interview got stuck in mind and an idea grew to make a film about this”. Over the last few years Frössén has been travelling, filming and interviewing some of those who were inspired by Dinger, including Iggy Pop, Gudrun Gut (Malaria!), Bobby Gillespie (Primal Scream), Emma Gaze (Electrelane) and Stephen Morris (Joy Division / New Order), among others. As the interviews with these musicians develop, the film flows into wider thoughts of rhythm and reflections upon how the musical wave that developed in Germany in the 70s was the result of the post-war’s longing to get away from what had been, and the search for something better and newer; NEU! A film will that will delve into the deeply personal artistic style of Klaus Dinger´s music and artwork and lead the viewer into one of the most well kept secrets of rock´n´roll history. ”The film began as an attempt to get inside Klaus Dinger’s head for a while, but I guess in the end it became a film about life, music and love. Universal themes that most people can relate to.”


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The Reliance



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