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Soundtrack - Stone
Finders Keepers weird us all out with this obscure soundtrack to the very underground Australian biker flick. Strange experimental electronics, 70's cosmic rock, incidental madness and crazy orchestration... another gem.

CD - Finders Keepers - FKR031CD - £11.99Add to basket

Other recordings by this artist

Soundtrack - Django Unchained
Original motion picture soundtrack.

CD - - 3727028 - £13.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - City Of God
Immensley powerful killer sountrack music . Brilliant , big brassy and funky .

CD - Milan - 5046630835 - £6.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - War Of The Worlds
30th anniversary edition of Jeff Wayne's musical masterpiece.

2 x CD - Columbia - 66697536102 - £14.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - Deliverance ( Duelling Banjos )
All the music from this incredible film.

CD - Warner - 7599272682 - £4.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - Good, Bad and Ugly
Probably Clint Eastwood's most famous cowboy movie contains all the classic soundtrack bits scored by Ennio Morricone now includes added bonus tracks.

CD - EMI - 8662482 - £6.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - Jackie Brown
Great blaxploitation movie features some crackin' soulful/funk tunes including - Bobby Womack 'Across 110th. Street', Delfonics 'Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time', Bloodstone 'Natural High', etc... limited price offer !

CD - Warner - 9362468412 - £6.99Add to basket
soundtrack - Cleopatra Jones
A very cheap price for such a great soundtrack, funky deep soul and soundtrack boogie. Git Down!!!

LP - Warner Bros - 9362480901 - £6.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - Pal Joey
Music featured in the film starring - Frank Sinatra, Rita Hayworth, Kim Novak and includes 12 extra bonus tracks performed by Frank Sinatra. All original recordings digitally remastered.

CD - Music - CD668 - £3.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - Carousel
All original tracks by Rodgers and Hammerstein digitally remastered.

CD - Music - CD6691 - £3.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - Carmen Jones
All original recordings by Georges Bizet and Oscar Hammerstein digitally remastered.

CD - Music - CD6693 - £3.49Add to basket
Soundtrack - Wizard Of Oz
All original recordings digitally remastered from the film plus 12 bonus Judy Garland classic tracks.

CD - Delta - CD6694 - £3.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - King and I
Features music from the film by Rogers and Hammerstein including - 'Whistle A Happy Tune', 'Getting To Know You', 'Shall We Dance', 8 bonus tracks.

CD - Delta - CD6695 - £3.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - Oklahoma
All original recordings by Rodgers and Hammerstein digitally remastered and including 11 bonus Gordon Macrae classic tracks.

CD - Music - CD6696 - £3.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - Seven Brides For Seven Brothers
Original musical score plus added performances from Howard Keel.

CD - Delta - CD6699 - £3.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - Calamity Jane
Music from the motion picture starring - Doris Day/Howard Keel/Allyn Ann McLerie, and with 12 added Doris Day bonus tracks.

CD - Music - CD6704 - £3.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - High Society
10 tracks from the film featuring Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and it includes 10 added bonus tracks, bit of a bargain i would say !

CD - Music - CD6705 - £3.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - Kiss Me Kate
All original recordings digitally remastered and containing 12 bonus tracks by Howard Keel and Kathryn Grayson.

CD - Music - CD6706 - £3.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - Singin' In The Rain
Fantastic music from the original score now comes with 8 added bonus tracks, a great price which includes songs from Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, Donald O'Connor.

CD - Music - CD6707 - £3.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - Show Boat
Music from the motion picture starring - Kathryn Grayson/Howard Keel/Ava Gardner, and with 11 added bonus tracks.

CD - Music - CD6718 - £3.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - Easter Parade
Music from the motion picture starring - Fred Astaire/Judy Garland/Peter Lawford, and with 10 added Fred Astaire bonus tracks.

CD - Music - CD6719 - £3.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - Annie Get Your Gun
Music from the film starring - Betty Hutton, Howard Keel, Louis Calhern, includes 10 bonus tracks performed by Betty Hutton.

CD - - CD6732 - £3.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - Guys and Dolls
Music from the film starring - Marlon Brando, Jean Simmons, Frank Sinatra, Vivian Blaine, includes 8 bonus tracks.

CD - - CD6733 - £3.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - Pajama Game
Music from the film starring Doris Day, John Raitt, Carol Haney, includes 9 added bonus tracks by Doris Day.

CD - Music Digital - CD6734 - £3.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - Gigi
Features music from the film plus 6 added bonus tracks by Maurice Chevalier.

CD - Music Digital - CD6735 - £3.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - Blade Runner OST
Vangelis' classic soundtrack to the 1982 film.

LP - Rhino - 0825646122110 - £16.99
Soundtrack - A Zed and Two Noughts
Original music from the film by Peter Greenaway.

CD - Virgin - CDVE966 - £10.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - Kung Fu Super Sounds
Killer orchestral soundtracks of late 70's & early 80's Kung Fu movies from the legendary Hong Kong producers The Shaw Brothers. Superb music, and a massive collection one one disc... You can really hear the influence on artists such as MF Doom, Madlib, RZA & The Wu-Tang... A De Wolfe library classic for sure!

CD - De Wolfe - DWCR002 - £12.99
Soundtrack - Daisies
CD - Finders Keepers - FKR013CD - £10.99
Soundtrack - Dawn Of The Dead
The painstakingly compiled collection of previously unreleased soundtrack music from this 1978 film (as opposed to the Goblin score for the movie). A real labour of love from Trunk Records.

CD - Trunk - JBH011CD - £6.99
Soundtrack - Tomorrow People
Music from the '70s TV series made by a team including Delia Derbyshire and Brian Hodgson of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and their colleague in the group White Noise, David Vorhaus. A 'lost and found' electronic classic!

CD - Trunk - JBH017CD - £9.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - Ivor The Engine / Pogles Wood
Previously un-issued music from the children's TV series, composed by Vernon Elliott who also did 'Clangers', among many others. As ever with Trunk Records releases, the packaging is beautiful and there's plenty of sleevenotes too.

CD - Trunk - JBH027CD - £6.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - Life On Earth
Magical classical/pastoral sounds from this famous 1979 BBC series. First commercial release!

CD - Trunk - JBH034CD - £4.99
Soundtrack - Fingerbobs
Classic '70s children's TV, painstakingly collaged from limited source material: themes, songs and spoken passages brought together into a recreation of Children's folk history...(Trunk Records).

CD - Trunk - JBH042CD - £6.99
Soundtrack - Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Music and narration from the film by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice.

CD - MCA - MCLD19023 - £6.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - American Graffiti
Double disc cd is all the music from the film about 50's rock 'n' roll America, includes 41 songs.

2 x CD - MCA - MCLDD19150 - £7.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - Thunderbirds Are Go And Other TV Themes
Tracks include 'Thunderbirds '(theme) , 'Fireball XL5 ', 'Captain Scarlet' ,' Joe 90' , 'Aqua Marina' , plus 'Dr. Who', 'Avengers' , 'Champions' , and many more all for this fabulous price.

CD - Castle - PLSCD195 - £3.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - Clangers
Original music from the two series of 'The Clangers', originally made in 1969 and 1971 respectively. A cult classic.

CD - Trunk - SOUP001CD - £5.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - Black Dynamite (Score Version)
Original score of a soon to appear film that's quite obviously heavily influenced by 70's blaxploitation films. This is the original score, composed by Adrian Younge. Instrumentation includes rhodes, hammond, sax and a whole slew of 70's sounds to create an authentic & genuine soundtrack.

LP - Waxpoetics - WPR007LP - £16.99
Soundtrack - Ms. 45
Incredibly this soundtrack has NEVER been released in any format, the guys at Death Waltz went back to the original master tapes and worked with composer Joe Delia to clean up the original elements. Ferrara’s pictures often tread the line between grindhouse trash and art-films with insightful social commentary – and unflinching realism – and MS. 45 is his most notorious film, with much of its power coming from Joe Delia’s grimy yet haunting music. A sparse piano motif initially creates a lonely voice for the (mute) heroine but it’s overshadowed by wailing trumpet, electric guitar, and menacing synths that paint a disturbing musical picture of the world she inhabits.

LP - Death Waltz - DW021 - £21.99Add to basket
soundtrack - Big Bad Wolves
This pressing of the Frank Ilfman score features packaging by We Buy Your Kids and pink splatter vinyl.

LP - Death Waltz - DW034 - £24.99Add to basket
soundtrack - Night Satan
Record Store Day Exclusive GREEN VINYL LP with 30 minute short film on a region free DVD

LP - Death Waltz - DWORDSD1 - £24.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - Christmas Evil (You Better Watch Out)
The score to the classic 1980 yuletide slasher movie Christmas Evil, composed by the trio of Don Christensen, Joel Harris, and Julia Heyward, on 10" from Death Waltz.

LP - Death Waltz - DW32 - £15.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - Dr No / Come Fly With Me
Monty Norman's music for the first 007 film, in 1962, marks the debut of the iconic 'James Bond Theme'. Soundtrack also includes performances from Byron Lee & The Dragonaires, and this release also includes that band's 'Come Fly With Me' album as a bonus.

CD - Soundtrack Factory - SF606349 - £9.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - Diamonds Are Forever
Composed by the award winning composer John Barry. Includes some of the best and most popular Bond themes.

LP - UMC - 4725946 - £11.99Add to basket
Soundtrack - Call Me By Your Name OST
"Call Me By Your Name" is a sensual and transcendent tale of first love, based on the acclaimed novel by André Aciman. Summer of 1983, Northern Italy. An American-Italian is enamored by an American student who comes to study and live with his family. Together they share an unforgettable summer full of music, food, and romance that will forever change them.

CD - Sony Classical - 88985484392 - £12.99Add to basket

Jumbo recomendations

Other records on this label

Various Artists - Welsh Rare Beat
Compiled by Andy Votel, Dom Thomas & Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals), this is a killer collection of Welsh obscurities that'll shatter some pre-conceptions! Also includes bonus 7".

2 x LP - Finders Keepers - FKR003LP - £14.99
Bruno Spoerri - Gluckskugel
The mythical musician who worked with the legendary German group Can. This is pioneering, experimantal electronic music that's unlike anything we've heard before!

LP - Finders Keepers - FKR006LP - £14.99
Mustafa Ozkent - Genclik Ile Elele
Ultimate breaks from this Turkish pop sensation... instrumental LP from 1972.

2 x LP - Finders Keepers - FKR010LP - £14.99
Soundtrack - Daisies
CD - Finders Keepers - FKR013CD - £10.99
Science Fiction Dance Party - Dance With Action
Finders Keepers do it again and release a lovely restored sci-fi krautsider classic. Trippy weird music meets space-ploitation of the grooviest kind. Great music, great sleeve notes and great Scott this is good!!! Recommended re-release of a lost 70's odditiy.

LP - Finders Keepers - FKR024LP - £15.99Add to basket
Sam Spence - Sam Spence Sounds
American soundtrack composer who took one of the first moog synths into Germany and worked with many of the original 'motorik/kosmiche' musicians of the time. Finders Keepers have picked out 26 of his tracks made for a variety of TV shows & music libraries & there is some amazing stuff on here!

LP - Finders Keepers - FKR028LP - £13.99Add to basket
Jacky Chalard - Je Suis Vivant, Mais J'Ai Peur De Gilbert Deflez
A secret psychedelic science fiction cosmic concept LP from a key player in Parisian & French pop culture... waaaay ahead of it's time when it was released back in '74 - now Finders Keepers have re-pressed it and given us the pleasure of hearing this gem once again.

CD - Finders Keepers - FKR034CD - £12.99Add to basket
Various Artists - Thai Dai
More Finders Keepers magic, this time we're tuned into the heavy side of Thai..Rocky, psychy and acid with a mix of traditional too.. This album more than does it for me. Wait until you hear the version of Iron Man!!!

CD - Finders Keepers - FKR044CD - £13.99
Various Artists - Bollywood Bloodbath
This compilation of funky/weird Bollywood funk from the 70's and 80's runs up a storm, with Finders Keepers having a fantastic grasp of just what makes a great re-issue. My faves Bappi Lahiri and R.D Burman are on here with yet more brilliant compositions with a raft of lesser known (in the West) Hindi heroes. This is VERY recommended if you're looking for some funky far-out fun!

CD - Finders Keepers - FKR052CD - £11.99Add to basket
Don & Stevie - Don & Stevie
Never released acid folk, acoustic 60's pop and psychy grooves given the light of day from the incredible Finders Keepers records. A real and genuine labour of love with the usual informative sleevenotes.

LP - Finders Keepers - FKR059LP - £17.99Add to basket
Various Artists - Man Chest Hair
Fantastic release from one of the shops favourite labels, 'Finders Keepers'. Unissued studio demos and rare tracks of hard rock / hairy funk / heavy prog from the toughest unknown rock groups of Greater Manchester.

LP - Finders Keepers - FKR064LP - £19.99Add to basket
Various Artists - Make Do & Mend Volume Three: David Holmes
Volume 3 in the series of compilations from the splendid Finders Keepers Records' back catalogue, in aid of stock lost in the warehouse fire. Guest compiler here is David Holmes who picks out a mixed bag spread over 12 tracks.

CD - Finders Keepers - HELPFK003 - £4.99Add to basket
Various Artists - Make Do & Mend Vol 6: Zola Jesus And Prefuse 73
Another lovingly compiled compilation to raise funds for Finders Keepers, show your support as this is full of fantastic tunes.

CD - Finders Keepers - HELPFK005 - £4.99Add to basket
Various Artists / Bob Stanley - Make Do & Mend Volume 8: Bob Stanley
The eighth volume in the benefit series of compilations to help Finders Keepers Records in the wake of the warehouse fire. Saint Etienne's Bob Stanley takes the controls here, with his very own look into the Finders Keepers back catalogue.

CD - Finders Keepers - HELPFK008 - £4.99
Sarolta Zalatnay - Sarolta Zalatnay
Heavy Hungarian psych jazz rock glam funk... truly wonderful, and as we would expect from Finders Keepers Records, entirely bizzarre... excellent!

2 x LP - Finders Keepers - KFR012LP - £14.99
Various Artists - Disco Dildar
Never one to merely scrape the surface of a niche genre, the Finders Keepers bloodhound digs deeper still into the core of the Indian subcontinent exhuming a concise party pack of opulent, off-centre Pakistani party targets driven by the pounding drum box rhythms of some of Lollywood pop’s most notorious studio scientists. ‘Disco Dildar’ features rare plugged-in proxy pop from some of the country’s lesser-known teen flicks spanning the late 1970s and 80s, featuring drum heavy disco guesstimates built around multilingual lyrics celebrating Saturday nights, Disco Dildars and Hindustani Hogmanays.

LP - Finders Keepers - FKR065LP - £16.99Add to basket
Ami Shavit - In Alpha Mood
Almost mythical private press early Israeli outsider electronic album / physiological experiment / work of art by retiring Tel Aviv based multimedia artist Ami Shavit. Widely regarded to be the first Israeli electronic record. Only 500 copies of the original record exist (regularly fetching figures in excess of £300 on certain internet auction sites) making it possibly the rarest Israeli record from that period, not to mention its status as the country’s first domestic electronic record.

LP - Finders Keepers - FKR077LP - £16.99Add to basket
Various Artists - Musique Expérimentale
Further concrète explorations from the second generation of forward-thinking sonic auteurs that would push the boundaries of experimental music known collectively as the Groupe de Recherches Musicales - founded by the father of musique concrète, Pierre Schaeffer - which has influenced generations of artists across the world. This record represents an important milestone in the development and progression of musique concrète, featuring early works from some of the most important and respected experimental composers of the 20th Century, including Luc Ferrari, Michel Philippot and François-Bernard Mâche, overseen by Pierre Schaeffer.

LP - Finders Keepers - 21CACKLP - £15.99Add to basket
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