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Gale - Cloned
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Another winner from the mysterious Gale, who's fast becoming a cult artist on Leeds' new-wave underground! Think post-punk and electronic pop a la Soft Cell but much stranger..."

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Gale - Dancing With The Stars
Gale returns with another load of gothic redolence... Nostalgic, and for all the right reasons. Check!

Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Another voyage (this time into space) through synth-pop sassiness and new-wave tinged melodies. Gale is getting to be a bit of a Leeds legend with his crazed covers (Planet Claire, No Where Girl) of post-punk and goth-y hits and misses and of course his own compositions too, all done with a wonderful DIY aesthetic. Really digging the cool artwork too! Check."

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Gale - Taking The Fifth
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Local legend Gale offers up another tasty treat of cover versions (done in his own original style) and self penned marvels. Floating around the kind of Gothic/New-wave universe this bridges 80's New Romantism with 2020 synth-y pop to great effect. 5 albums in and there's no stopping him. Next stop world domination!"

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Gale - Shiny Shiny (Venus In Furs)
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Very recommended dark delight which takes the Velvet's classic and gives it a gothic twist... A whispered dance and electronic treat!!!"

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Gale - Just Me
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "After wowing us with his very nice cover of the Velvet's 'Shiny Boots Of Leather' he hits us up with a mini album played (as he describes in the sleeve notes) on cheap synths and equipment which goes to show it's the songwriting that shines through. Part Goth, part pop, part new-wave-y synthy magic...It's often mega-catchy and comes across as a triumph of lo-fi love. One to watch!"

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Gale - What Do You Think You're Doing?
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "A timely single from Gale who in is synth pop style puts out a powerful message."

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Gale - Starchaser
Jumbo's Matthew Bradshaw says "Fast becoming a firm local favourite,Gale gets better and better with every single release!!! This blend of post-punk and synth-wave has one foot in the Softcell camp and one foot in the modern wave of synth/pop!!! Dark and delicious and one to watch."

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