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Aho Ssan



Publication date: 20.10.2023


Further Information

Special remarks: 160 pages + 4 pages cover + French fold jacket art / lyric book created by Kim Grano, Aho Ssan and Maziyar Pahlevan. Includes Download Code to the album.

In conjunction with the album, ?Rhizomes? comes complete with a set of illustrations by Kim Grano in a book release. The drawings become a hybrid language, each an emotional response to the musical half. The book contains an extended version of the album with 3 additional songs and 2 longer versions of the album songs. It also includes a sample pack by Aho Ssan and a collection of solo tracks by Elliot Blaise, KMRU, Lamin Fofana, Brodinski & Se?bastien Forrester, Valence Drake, 9T Antiope, Exzald S and Valentina Magaletti. The extended version package is only accessible through the QR codes in the book.



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