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33 1/3: Michael T. Fournier

The Minutemen's Double Nickels on the Dime



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In recent years, the Minutemen have enjoyed something of a revival, due to both a chapter in Michael Azerrad's book "Our Band Could Be Your Life", and a feature length documentary film, "We Jam Econo", showcasing the band's legacy. (And having a song serve as the theme for MTV's "Jackass" show doesn't hurt, either.) To date, though, the band's actual work hasn't been the subject of much attention - everything has focused on either the interpersonal relationships that made the Minutemen so distinctive or the sudden and tragic death of guitarist/singer D. Boon. This book shines a light on the band's remarkable music and on this particular album; on their blending of several styles into something that will never be replicated. The Minutemen's body of work is very personal - people who are into this band feel a deep connection with their music and aesthetic. Included are extensive interviews with Mike Watt, the band's bass player, as well as with several artists, musicians, studio owners, and fanzine writers who have been devoted followers of the band for years. The Minutemen redefined what punk rock could be, what punk rock could sound like, and this book will be a fitting tribute to that legacy. (Also, Mike Watt is now working with Kelly Clarkson on her upcoming album, so there should be ongoing interest...)



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