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Jumbo's People - TREVOR SENIOR

Started working at Jumbo in the early 1970s after meeting former owner and DJ Hunter Smith where we both worked for Mecca. Now selling just about every genre, back then we were Northern Soul/Soul and Reggae specialists. My musical interests are Northern Soul/Soul and World music, outside work I am into Rugby League and Cycling (both watching and not playing!). Contact Trevor -


Send The Rain by United Disco Organisation (Released 23/12/2021) Disco Devil by Lee 'Scratch' Perry (Released 03/12/2021) Ghetto Life by Zumjay (Released 03/12/2021) Heart Broken by Etana (Released 03/12/2021) Man Next Door by Joe Ariwa (Released 03/12/2021) Motherless Child by I Kong and Judy Mowatt (Released 03/12/2021) None A Jah Jah Children by Ras Michael and the sons of Negus (Released 03/12/2021) One Way Left by Linval Thompson (Released 03/12/2021) Road To Slavery by Alton Ellis (Released 03/12/2021) Shine Eye Gal by Barrington Levy (Released 03/12/2021) Spirit Dimension by Dub Across Borders (Released 03/12/2021) Weed Anthem by Adam Prescott (Released 03/12/2021) Why War by Mighty Diamonds (Released 03/12/2021) Wiseman and Fool by Abeng and the Rootikal Horns (Released 03/12/2021) Body Fusion by Starvue (Released 25/11/2021) Slow fizz by Sapphires (Released 25/11/2021) So Is the Sun by World Column (Released 25/11/2021) Try A Little Harder by Fi-Dels (Released 25/11/2021) Unhooked Generation by Freda Payne (Released 25/11/2021) Ashley Beedle Edits by Ashley Beedle (Released 03/11/2021) Can't Live Without you by Connie Laverne (Released 03/11/2021) HERCULES by AARON NEVILLE (Released 03/11/2021) I WANNA BE WITH YOU by DOC SEVERINSEN (Released 03/11/2021) I WANT YOU FOR MYSELF by GEORGE DUKE (Released 03/11/2021) I'll Forgive and Forget by Ron Holden (Released 03/11/2021) LITTLE SUNFLOWER by FREDDIE HUBBARD (Released 03/11/2021) Lonely for You Baby by San dees (Released 03/11/2021) MOODY WOMAN by JERRY BUTLER (Released 03/11/2021) Shake off That dream by Eddie Billups (Released 03/11/2021) SWEET SHERRY by J.J.BARNES (Released 03/11/2021) SWEETEST THING by CHANNEL 3 (Released 03/11/2021) THE STARS by BARBARA LEWIS (Released 03/11/2021) Wants List 5 by Various Artists (Released 03/11/2021) We've Only Just Begun by Lee McDonald (Released 03/11/2021) You've Been Gone Too Long by Ann Sexton (Released 03/11/2021) Don't You Worry by Soul Stirrers (Released 18/10/2021) I Can't See Your Love by Ballads (Released 18/10/2021) Now You've Got The Upper Hand/ You're Acting Kind Of Strange (RSD 2021 - Drop 1) by Candi Staton & Chappells (Released 18/10/2021) Slip Away / There Was A Time by Tyrone Davis / Gene Chandler (Released 18/10/2021) Am I The Same Girl by Barbara Acklin (Released 09/09/2021) Don't Take It Out On This World by Adam's Apples (Released 09/09/2021) I Get The Sweetest Feeling by Jackie Wilson (Released 09/09/2021) Somebody I Know by Wales Wallace (Released 09/09/2021) Suddenly by Tony Drake (Released 09/09/2021) Making A Good Thing Better by Denise LaSalle (Released 05/09/2021) Cymande by Cymande (Released 25/06/2021) Expansions by Lonnie Liston Smith (Released 24/06/2021) Comencemos by Phirpo Y Sus Caribes (Released 10/06/2021) Don't You Worry Baby by Bessie Banks (Released 10/06/2021) I Believe In Miracles by Sunlightsquare (Released 10/06/2021) Loioli - lomko by Mawuli Decker (Released 10/06/2021) This Is What You Are by Mario Biondi (Released 10/06/2021) You're so Fine by Papa Bear (Released 10/06/2021) Back On The Street Again (Australian Funk, Soul And Psych (Mostly) From The Festival Vaults) by Various Artists (Released 04/05/2021) Be thankful For What You Got by William DeVaughan (Released 04/05/2021) For The Love Of Money by O'Jays (Released 04/05/2021) Home is Where the Hatred is by Esther Phillips (Released 04/05/2021) Keep On Keeping On / If I Could Only Be Sure by N.F.Porter (Released 04/05/2021) Let Me Give You My Lovin by Maxine Brown (Released 04/05/2021) Running Away by Roy Ayers (Released 04/05/2021) Stolen Hours by Patrice Holloway (Released 04/05/2021) These Memories by Almeta Lattimore (Released 04/05/2021) Wish I Didn't Miss You by Angie Stone (Released 04/05/2021) Wounded Woman by Sandra Wright (Released 04/05/2021) You're Gone by Celeste Hardie (Released 04/05/2021) Night Grooves by Blackbyrds (Released 01/01/2021) Too Late To Turn Back Now by Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose (Released 10/03/2020) Follow Me / Take A Trip by Aura (Released 27/02/2020) One For The Road (Uptown and Downtown Mixes) by Gregg Jackson  (Released 27/02/2020) Real Love / I Can't Help But Love You by Frederick (Released 27/02/2020) Blessed Are The Meek/Time Has Come by Slim Smith (Released 03/01/2020) (Love Is My) Secret Weapon by Darrow Fletcher (Released 06/12/2019) Champion by Liam Bailey (Released 29/11/2019) Gonna Spread The News by Unique Blend (Released 29/11/2019) I'm a Happy Man. by Joe Graham (Released 29/11/2019) Trippin' On Your Love by Staple Singers (Released 29/11/2019) Abraco Da Bossa by Guida De Palma and Jazzinho (Released 07/11/2019) Baby Tonite by Jennifer Holliday (Released 07/11/2019) Heart's Desire by Don Blackman (Released 07/11/2019) Love for Love by Change (Released 07/11/2019) Elevate Our Minds by Linda Williams (Released 22/10/2019) How can you break my heart by Bobby Womack (Released 22/10/2019) I Choose You by Paris (Released 22/10/2019) I Was Born To Love You by Timeless Legend (Released 22/10/2019) Just loving You by Ruby Andrews (Released 22/10/2019) Looking For You by Kirk Franklin (Released 22/10/2019) Spread Love by Al Hudson  (Released 22/10/2019) This will be a night to remember. by Eddie Holman (Released 22/10/2019) Keeping The Faith 2 by Various Artists (Released 11/10/2019) Northern Soul - Keeping The Faith by Various Artists (Released 04/10/2019) Get It Baby by Stanley Mitchell (Released 27/09/2019) In The Basement by Etta James and Sugar Pie Desanto (Released 27/09/2019) She'll Come Running Back by Mel Britt (Released 27/09/2019) Got To Get Your Own / Tight Money by Reuben Wilson (Released 06/09/2019) I'll See You In Hell by Phillip Mitchell (Released 06/09/2019) Just Be Yourself by Pretenders (Released 06/09/2019) Mystic Voyage 45's by Roy Ayers Ubiquity (Released 06/09/2019) When the Boy That You Love Is Loving You by Peggy Gaines (Released 06/09/2019) Windy C by 100% Pure Poison (Released 06/09/2019) Disco Soul Gold vol.2 by Various Artists (Released 10/05/2019) I Wanna Be With You by David Ruffin  (Released 10/05/2019) I Want To Be Love by Stevens and Foster (Released 10/05/2019) Indication by Eddie and Ernie (Released 10/05/2019) My Lonely Feeling by Milton James and the Creators (Released 10/05/2019) Rainmaker by C.J. and Co. (Released 10/05/2019) Talking About The Love I Have For You by George Jackson (Released 10/05/2019) Where Did You Learn To Make Love Like That by Sharon Ridley and Ralph Graham (Released 10/05/2019) I'm Not A Regular Woman b/w. 'Be My Fela' by Marta Ren (Released 24/02/2017) California Nights by Lesley Gore (Released 27/05/2015) Keep A Hold On Him by Various Artists (Released 27/05/2015) Pied Piper Follow Your Soul by Various Artists (Released 27/05/2015) Honest To Goodness by Herb Ward I'm Always In The Mood / Love Is All We Need by Randy Brown Jazz Banned Classics: Nutherin/Gators by Various Artists: Willis One Thin Dime by Betty Lavette Purple Haze by Johnny Jones & The King Casuals Someday by Tempests The More I Get, The More I Want by Teddy Pendergrass Why Don't You Make Up Your Mind by Peabo Bryson You Can Make the Change / What People Say About Love by Madcliff You Can't Do That by Doris Willingham



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