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Jumbo's People - AIDAN


Mahal by Glass Beams (Released 12/07/2024) Theatre Fortuna by Prima Star Power (Released 14/06/2024) Mahal by Glass Beams (Released 17/05/2024) The Now Sound Of Nashville: Psychedelic Gestures In The Country Music Experience (1966-1973) by Various Artists (Released 21/04/2023) Peace, Love & Murder by My Dad Is Dead (Released 03/02/2023) World Of Rubber by Second Layer (Released 20/01/2023) 'Give Us A Clue' Compilation by Various Artists (Released 04/11/2022) Peace & Love - Wadadasow by Dadawah (Released 01/04/2022) When I Hit You - You'll Feel It by Leslie Winer (Released 30/07/2021) Southern Energy Ensemble by Southern Energy Ensemble (Released 02/07/2021) Eastern Flowers by Sven Wunder (Released 24/07/2020) Shall We Go On Sinning So That Grace May Increase? by Soft Pink Truth (Released 19/06/2020) The Menace Of Mechanical Music by Team Picture (Released 12/06/2020) Danzindan-Pojidon by Inoyamaland (Released 20/03/2020) Vernal Equinox by Jon Hassell (Released 20/03/2020) A Situation by Wrangler (Released 28/02/2020) Groove of ESSR - Funk, Disco, Jazz from Soviet Estonia by Various Artists (Released 21/06/2019) Like A Ship (Without A Sail) by Pastor T.L. Barrett & The Youth For Christ Choir (Released 20/10/2017) Dengue Fever Presents: Electric Cambodia by Various Artists (Released 12/01/2010) Dub Roots by Prince Douglas Illuminated Audio by Gigi Introducing Scientist: The Best Dub Album In The World by Scientist Vision Of A Psychedelic Africa by African Head Charge



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