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Warmduscher - Whale City

CD: £9.99

Label: The Leaf Label

Release date: 01.06.2018

LP: £15.99

Label: The Leaf Label

Release date: 01.06.2018

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Let Warmduscher be your guide. Clams Baker: the man with the golden tongue. Fast-talking, no nonsense networker. The ‘legitimate’ front to the great rock ‘n’ roll swindle. No time for fact checking. No need for building regulations. Heading straight to the top. Consequence be damned. Lightnin’ Jack Everett is his man on point. The rhythm. The brains. The brawn. Let’s make lots of money. The Saulcano, Mr Salt Fingers Lovecraft and The Witherer operate in the shadows. The cogs. The machine. The bootleggers.

Staff Reviews

Warmduscher have themselves a reputation for dirty, oddball rock, and this album demonstrates just that. Clams Baker details his wacky and impassioned journey through the highways of America, painting a vulgar picture of Whale City - full of all the strangest characters you can possibly imagine. Opening with a spoken word sermon which grounds the album giving it a sense of direction, and ending with a gentle, harmonic track with growling vocals that gives you a chance to breathe after this whirlwind tour, this powerful album is full of filthy riffs and changes in pace which make it difficult to argue with. In the words of Clams Baker, Whale City is “a playground for the people that have stepped above and beyond their comfort zone.” What are you waiting for?

By Sally Canlin

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