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Red House Painters - Ocean Beach / Shock Me

2 x LP: £21.99

Label: 4AD

Release date: 14.08.2015

Further Information

With the Red House Painters 4AD catalogue having been out of print on vinyl for twenty plus years, it’s high time they were back in the racks. ‘Ocean Beach’ / ‘Shock Me’: ‘Ocean Beach’ was originally released in 1995 and was to be the last record Red House Painters released on 4AD. Mostly performed by Mark Kozelek on his own, the minimal, unornamented, reflective and semi-acoustic songs helped him to achieve the more personal album he aimed to record, capturing every sound as it happened rather having it all changed in the mix. Out of print since, it’s now been reformatted to become a double LP that also includes the four-track ‘Shock Me’ EP of 1994.

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