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Saint Etienne - Foxbase Alpha

2 x LP: £19.99

Label: Heavenly Recordings

Release date: 11.02.2022

Format Info: GREEN VINYL

Further Information

The classic debut album. Originally released via Heavenly in October 1991 the album was quickly recognised as one of the most important and influential releases of the year and nominated for the first Mercury Music Prize. Foxbase Alpha includes the classic Neil Young cover version of ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’ plus the single ‘Nothing Can Stop Us Now’.

The eclectic Saint Etienne classic ‘Foxbase Alpha’ is being reissued this week. It’s so good it should probably come with a warning for people that haven’t heard it yet – your mind may explode. It features the unfathomably original cover of Neil Young’s ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’ turned disco, as well as their incredible track ‘Nothing Can Stop Us’. FFO: Massive Attack, Sterolab, Björk, Hot Chip.

By Martha Boyd



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