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Blind Owl Wilson - Blind Owl Wilson

LP: £23.99

Label: Mississippi Records

Release date: 26.11.2021

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A true psychedelic masterpiece! Black vinyl LP in black and white jacket with miniature two color booklet. Limited second pressing. Blind Owl Wilson was a truly great guitarist and vocalist whose deep well of psychedelic blues songs were buried amongst the catalog of major label rockin’ blues band Canned Heat. Blind Owl served as Canned Heat’s guitarist and would chip in a song here and there as a front man. A couple of those songs became huge hits in the 60’s – “Going Up The Country” and “On The Road Again”. Blind Owl’s songs for Canned Heat stood in stark contrast to the bands blustery blues rock – his was a gentle and nuanced voice and the themes of his song were all about personal heartbreak, grasp- ing for cosmic understanding, and ecological justice. Here we have an LP of Blind Owl’s songs from Canned Heat’s records – left to sit alone and take you somewhere unexpected. Blind Owl’s personal vision quest can be heard throughout these songs. “Poor Moon’ tells the tale of Alan’s heartbreak as he watches the moon being misguidedly bombed by man, ‘My time ain’t long’ confronts death, “Parthenogen in 3 Blind Owls’ and ‘Parthenogen childs end’ take you to the psychedelic limits, and oh yes, we have the hit tunes on here too. Co-release with Sutro Park records.

A wonderful record of fragile psychedelic blues from Canned Heat's Blind Owl Wilson. Sounds kind of somewhere between Captain Beefheart and Daniel Johnston. Great to see this get a re-press.

By Adam Gillison

Track Listing

Side A: 1. Poor Moon 2. My Time Ain’t Long 3. Nebulosity 4. Change My Ways 5. On The Road Again 6.

Childhoods End

Side B: 1. Alan’s Intro 2. Going Up The Country 3. Time Was 4. My Mistake 5. Pulling Hair Blues



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