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New Model Army - Q&A Session at Jumbo Records! We're excited to welcome the legendary New Model Army to Jumbo on 28th January at 2pm, for a very special Q&A session with Matt Reid, who directed the film 'Between Dog and Wolf: The New Model Army Story'.

For entry to the session, pre-order the new album 'Unbroken' HERE

Known for their unique blend of punk rock, post-punk, folk, alternative rock and all kinds of musical sub-cultures, New Model Army refuses to belong to any club or style. Formed in Bradford in 1980, the band's lineup has changed over the years, with Justin Sullivan being the constant and central figure. They have released numerous albums and continue to tour and record music, maintaining a dedicated fanbase. Their music often addresses themes related to social and political issues, personal struggles, and the human condition, making them a significant presence in the alternative rock and post-punk music scenes. The 2019 studio album 'From Here' ranked # 13 in the UK Album charts, and the 2023 live album 'SinfoniA' hit #1 in the UK Music Video-Charts, making it the highest charting album in the band's history. Described as "Dark Motown" by Justin himself, 'Unbroken' features a diverse collection of tracks that touch on topics ranging from social and political commentary to deeply personal reflections. The album is a powerful and emotionally intense body of work ranging from rebellious tracks as 'I Did Nothing Wrong', to contemplative songs like 'First Summer After'. With this album, the band continues to push the boundaries of their signature sound while staying true to the themes that have made them a force to be reckoned with in the music world. 'Unbroken' is the first studio album since 2019's long-player 'From Here' and the 16th studio album of the band. It will is available in as a CD Hardcover Mediabook, Heavyweight Black LP Gatefold, Ltd. Heavyweight Red LP Gatefold and Digital.



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