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The Live Room


Sunday 14.07.2019


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Doors 7:30pm // Age Restriction 14+

Lisa Mills takes her audiences on a musical, and often humorous, emotional journey with charm and panache that is melodic, raw, unfettered and, most important, searingly honest: expect blues, country, gospel and soul influences

The confluence of influences that comprise the namesake river of Lisa Mills native Mississippi (she now resides in Mobile, Alabama, thanks to Hurricane Katrina) are indeed mighty. However, to lump her interpretation of those blues, country, gospel and soul influences under the catch-all roots music moniker is both rightand entirely wrong.

Her defiance of description is what makes Lisa Mills a singular talent. She takes the best of each these genres, whether self-penned or carefully chosen covers that speak to her in some way, and utterly transforms them. By taking all those ingredients and adding the occasional dollop of jazz inflection, Mills serves up her own savoury-sweet mix that goes beyond the expected. The result is at least equal to, often surpassing the historic best that each of those genres have to offer. She is one of those rare artists that, once youve heard her, cannot possibly be mistaken for anyone else.

Girl, you keep on doin whatcha doin! - Dr. John

You should all check her out, she has a wonderful voice - Robert Plant


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The Live Room

Caroline St, Shipley BD18 3JZ



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