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Bing & Ruth - No Home Of The Mind

CD: £10.99

Label: 4AD

Release date: 17.02.2017

Further Information

... With ‘No Home Of The Mind’ the ensemble has been streamlined to five and, after a year of heartfelt composition and with everything meticulously rehearsed in advance, the whole album was recorded in two days and in the fewest takes possible. An attempt to recreate the immediacy of classic sessionstyle musicianship, where one-take recordings were a standard to keep costs down, ‘No Home Of The Mind’ explores the piano’s percussive qualities alongside running woodwinds, warbling tape delays and splattered upright basslines that stare out with a wide-eyed transcendence, taking so-called ‘classical’ music to new limits...

Staff Reviews

Bing & Ruth transpose the "Oulipo" notion of freeing up creativity via limitation, and yield their finest release to date. Tides of meditative instrumentation, augmented by brooding atmospheres, collapse into complete rapture...

By Jack Donnison



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