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Jumbo's People - JACK DONNISON

Born: 1997
Birthplace: Bradford
Primary colour: grey
Secondary colour: dark grey
Favourite bev: John Smith’s
Jumbo Start Date: September 2015
Specialist genres: new-wave, electronica, leftfield, post-punk, ambient…


It Should Be Us by Andy Stott (Released 03/12/2019) Propulsion by PHARMAKUSTIK (Released 03/12/2019) leaving meaning. by Swans (Released 25/10/2019) Artificial Imaginations by Quilsk (Released 22/10/2019) I'LL STICK AROUND by BEN VINCE & JACOB SAMUEL (Released 27/09/2019) Monos (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Mica Levi (Released 13/09/2019) #2 by Garland (Released 16/05/2019) Kuro by Tujiko Noriko (Released 12/05/2019) Stadium by Eli Keszler (Released 12/05/2019) Dead Man: A Film By Jim Jarmusch (Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture) by Neil Young (Released 05/04/2019) In The Forest - Music For a Film By David Harrt by Karl Fousek (Released 16/03/2019) Dead Man: A Film By Jim Jarmusch (Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture) by Neil Young (Released 08/03/2019) Eureka by Jim O'Rourke (Released 19/01/2019) Cocoon Crush by Objekt (Released 28/12/2018) Heat by Shinichi Atobe (Released 28/12/2018) Make Me Know You Sweet by Pendant (Huerco S) (Released 18/12/2018) Terminal by Zuli (Released 18/12/2018) Endless Scroll by Bodega (Released 06/07/2018) Felt by Suuns (Released 23/06/2018) Age Of by Oneohtrix Point Never (Released 01/06/2018) 7 by Beach House (Released 11/05/2018) Back In This Shit by Kai Alce (Released 05/05/2018) Bloodline by Steven Julian (Released 05/05/2018) Confess To U by Omar S featuring Nite Jewel (Released 05/05/2018) FFT1 by FFT (Released 05/05/2018) No One Belongs Here More Than You by Olsen  (Released 05/05/2018) SMR-018 by Willie Graffi and Tucillo (Released 05/05/2018) Aphelion EP by Ross From Friends (Released 01/05/2018) Laptop Cafe by Jack Peoples (Released 01/05/2018) Lion ft. Riko Dan by Harmonic 313 (Released 01/05/2018) Mice or Cyborg by Lab Rat XL (Released 01/05/2018) Process - REMIXES by Sampha (Released 01/05/2018) Superlative Fatigue by Errorsmith (Released 01/05/2018) There's Always More At The Store by Project Pablo (Released 01/05/2018) UK Merge / Strict by Copeland & Gast (Released 30/04/2018) EP1 by Ola Szmidt (Released 31/03/2018) Ffwd > Burnout... by Hypnoskull (Released 24/03/2018) For Those of You Who Have never (and Also Those Who Have) by Huerco S.  (Released 24/03/2018) Locked In The Groove by Cottam (Released 24/03/2018) The Mindfuck EP by Corporation Mindfuck (Released 24/03/2018) Witches Curse by Dream Troll (Released 19/03/2018) Felt by Suuns (Released 02/03/2018) Room Inside the World by Ought (Released 16/02/2018) Plays Karlheinz Stockhausen by Dominik Blum / Johannes Brecht (Released 17/01/2018) Love What Survives by Mount Kimbie (Released 08/09/2017) Rainbow Edition by Hype Williams (Released 25/08/2017) The Pass of Storms by Astraluna (Released 22/07/2017) L'avventura EP by Earth Trax (Released 12/07/2017) Serenade EP by Timothy Heretic Clerkin (Released 12/07/2017) Ullis Tapes Volume One by Tom Ace / Bejjer + Ulli (Released 12/07/2017) Winona's Love / Amg by R.O.S.H. (Released 12/07/2017) Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was (limited) by Leyland Kirby (Released 29/06/2017) Love Theme by Love Theme (Released 23/06/2017) OK Computer (OKNOTOK 1997-2017) by Radiohead (Released 23/06/2017) Arca by Arca (Released 07/04/2017) The Return Of The Durutti Column (+7") by Durutti Column (Released 31/03/2017) Journey To The Light by Mark Banning (Released 17/03/2017) Tactus Tempus by A Pulse Train (Released 17/03/2017) Providence by Nathan Fake (Released 10/03/2017) EP1 by FKA Twigs (Released 03/03/2017) Dirty Projectors by Dirty Projectors (Released 24/02/2017) Drunk by Thundercat (Released 24/02/2017) No Home Of The Mind by Bing & Ruth (Released 17/02/2017) Soul Possession by Annie Anxiety (Released 17/02/2017) Northern Powerhouse by Sandra's Wedding  (Released 16/02/2017) Process by Sampha (Released 03/02/2017) Migration by Bonobo (Released 13/01/2017) The Night Time by James Dey (Released 09/11/2016) Telling It Like It Is by Marching Church (Released 28/10/2016) Almost Holy: Original Soundtrack by Atticus Ross, Leopold Ross And Bobby Krlic (Released 30/09/2016) Alive by Mik Artistik's Ego Trip (Released 13/09/2016) Poppy Rose EP by Poppy Rose (Released 13/09/2016) Mainline Repeater by Cosmic Jet Crash (Released 12/09/2016) Dark Days on Earth (Cassette) by Jupiter Sounds (Released 27/08/2016) The Collapse of Ancient Funk (Vol. Two) by Son of Sam (Released 27/08/2016) Mykki Blanco Presents: C-ore by Mykki Blanco (Released 19/08/2016) Night Melody by Rival Consoles (Released 12/08/2016) Guliagava by Natalie Beridze (Released 15/07/2016) Blue Heart Motel by Fighting Caravans (Released 05/07/2016) I Know No Weekend by Ketev (Released 01/07/2016) Ouzo Dreams by Val Cale (Released 27/06/2016) On My One by Jake Bugg (Released 17/06/2016) untitled unmastered by Kendrick Lamar (Released 10/06/2016) Live At The Venue (LP + CD) by Durutti Column (Released 15/04/2016) BBF - Hosted By DJ Escrow by Babyfather (Released 01/04/2016) Lighthouse by Sunstack Jones (Released 29/03/2016) Behind Closed Doors by Loz Campbell (Released 27/03/2016) I And I by LUH (Released 25/03/2016) Riverbed Sleep E.P by Alma Consruct (Released 08/02/2016) Flirtatious Beat by Paisley Royals (Released 19/12/2015) Public Disorder: Act 1 by China Shop Bull (Released 19/12/2015) Where This Now Finds Us... by Nervous 'Orse (Released 19/12/2015) [RETREAT] by RETREAT



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