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LP: £14.99

Label: First Terrace

Release date: 27.09.2019

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Having explored various musical avenues and projects including collaborations with the likes of Mica Levi, Klein, Joy Orbison, Charles Hayward and Bianca Scout, this record finds the pair peeling away from electronic composition and manipulation, instead pursuing and capturing the raw tonal possibilities of their chosen instruments. I'll Stick Around finds itself in the sphere of free jazz whilst demonstrating a love of pop records that is an undercurrent of their respective releases. With moments of drama and exaltation, the absence of electronics give the piano and the saxophone - the only two instruments on the recording - space for melodic expression and entanglement. Whilst retaining the integrity of unedited, improvised recordings, the sonic environment is turned into a third element, toying with the mind’s ear as the shape of piano notes elongate, shadows of saxophone flutter into earshot and are lost again, and microphones are moved mid-take, allowing new frequencies to blossom around the instruments. An album rich in musicality and feeling, I’ll Stick Around is a testament to this duo’s synergy in collaboration, a record quite unlike anything either musician has released so far. With punkish virtuosity, Ben & Jacob present a turbulent sonic adventure, yet one with moments of inner serenity.

Staff Reviews

Thassswatttt?!?! Ben Vince (and Jacob Samuel) go BIG on this one - fusing elements from each player's respective styles (jazz, musique-concrete, avant-garde etc.) - making one belter of a record. Fans of Vince & Samuel's past work won't need convincing, but trust me this one's got something for us all. Many loves. Xxx

By Jack Donnison



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