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Post War Glamour Girls - Feeling Strange

LP: £14.99

Label: Hide & Seek Records

Release date: 30.10.2015

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SIGNED COPIES WHILE STOCKS LAST! These are a limited red & blue marbled colour pressing of 200 so be QUICK!

Staff Reviews

A strong sophomore album from Leeds' finest. Addressing socio-political themes of injustice, shame and prejudice, it feels entirely on point with it's experimental post-punk message in 2015. Opening with the lead single, tantalising and powerful 'Felonious Punk' the album spirals through a range of emotions with its juxtaposition of songs which are all cut from the same cloth but each hold their own form and identity to create a cohesive record. Dare I say, this album is sonically more accessible than their previous work, which makes me love this even more since their message is anything but accessible. Uncomfortable and challenging and I love it.

By Adam Gillison

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