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Jumbo's People - ADAM GILLISON

Originally from Rugby, Adam has worked at Jumbo for over 20 years, and since he clearly wasn't going to go away he was eventually given the position of manager. Like many midlands children, 2-Tone fired his musical interests but no genre is out of bounds as long as the music's exciting enough...


Dry by PJ Harvey (Released 24/07/2020) Species by Bing & Ruth (Released 17/07/2020) In This House by Lewsberg (Released 12/06/2020) High Risk Behaviour by Chats (Released 27/03/2020) Pop Crimes by Rowland S Howard (Released 27/03/2020) Soldered Minds by Johannes Volk (Released 06/03/2020) Visions by Orpheus (Released 27/02/2020) On Fire by Galaxie 500 (Released 21/02/2020) Thank Christ For The Bomb by Groundhogs (Released 31/01/2020) Debris by Keeley Forsyth (Released 17/01/2020) Erratics & Unconformities by Craven Faults (Released 10/01/2020) This Decision by Lovely Eggs (Released 10/01/2020) Rhythm Showcase! (BLACK FRIDAY 2019 RELEASE) by Various Artists (Released 31/12/2019) Split Single by Sissy Space Echo & The Invisible Collaborators / The Edible Eyes (Released 17/12/2019) All The Leaves Are Gone by Josephine Foster And the Supposed (Released 29/11/2019) Eghass Malan by Les filles De Illighadad (Released 29/11/2019) Songs Of Consumption by Toy (Released 15/11/2019) Tyme Waits For No Man by Cogs Of Tyme (Released 15/11/2019) Lowfold Reworks by Craven Faults (Released 13/11/2019) Thank Christ For The Bomb by Groundhogs (Released 25/10/2019) Fireraisers, Forever! (Dinked) by Comet Gain (Released 11/10/2019) Carnage Hall by Kaputt (Released 27/09/2019) Stars Are The Light (Dinked Edition) by Moon Duo (Released 27/09/2019) Some-A-Holla Some-A-Bawl - Sounds From Kingston Town Jamaica by Various Artists (Released 20/09/2019) Various Artists Some-A-Holla Some-A-Bawl - Sounds From Kingston Town Jamaica by Various Artists (Released 20/09/2019) Diabolique by L'épée (Released 06/09/2019) Soft Landing by Sandro Perri (Released 06/09/2019) Dub From the Roots by King Tubby (Released 09/08/2019) La Torre Ibiza- Volumen Tres by Various Artists (Released 19/07/2019) Horizon by Trash Kit (Released 05/07/2019) Shuffle by Jamie Lenman (Released 05/07/2019) Dolphine by Mega Bog (Released 28/06/2019) I Was Real by 75 Dollar Bill (Released 28/06/2019) Live And Direct by Aswad (Released 21/06/2019) Loops In The Secret Society (SILVER FOILED SLEEVE) by Jane Weaver (Released 21/06/2019) Mother Earth’s Plantasia by Mort Garson (Released 21/06/2019) Schlagenheim by black midi (Released 21/06/2019) Daughters Of The Sky by Bamboo (Released 14/06/2019) Holy Spring by Laurence Pike (Released 14/06/2019) Singles Going Steady by Buzzcocks (Released 14/06/2019) Tropical Gangsters by Kid Creole & The Coconuts (Released 31/05/2019) Destroyer (DINKED EDITION) by Black Mountain  (Released 24/05/2019) Melody Day by Caribou (Released 24/05/2019) Holy Spring by Laurence Pike (Released 17/05/2019) Enderness by AA Bondy (Released 10/05/2019) Useless Coordinates by Drahla (Released 03/05/2019) The Complete Ukrainian John Peel Sessions by Wedding Present (Released 26/04/2019) We're The One's by Fold (Released 16/04/2019) Reggae Versions by Various Artists (Released 05/04/2019) The Fix by Jack Jones (Released 26/03/2019) It's Real by Ex Hex (Released 22/03/2019) Helium (DINKED EDITION) by Homeshake (Released 15/02/2019) Buoys by Panda Bear (Released 08/02/2019) Where The White Roses Grow by Serious Sam Barrett (Released 01/02/2019) Another Music In A Different Kitchen by Buzzcocks (Released 25/01/2019) Happy In The Hollow by Toy (Released 25/01/2019) Love Bites by Buzzcocks (Released 25/01/2019) Miri by Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba (Released 25/01/2019) Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared? by Deerhunter (Released 18/01/2019) The Bela Session by Bauhaus (Released 23/11/2018) Mirror by Orchestra Of Spheres (Released 02/11/2018) The Complete John Peel Sessions by White Stripes (Released 02/11/2018) Fleabox EP by Flea Market / Box Jellys (Released 31/10/2018) Aviary by Julia Holter (Released 26/10/2018) Blues Obituary by Groundhogs (Released 12/10/2018) If Only There Was A River by Anna St.Louis (Released 12/10/2018) In The Presence Of Greatness by Velvet Crush (Released 12/10/2018) New Hymn To Freedom by Szun Waves (Released 12/10/2018) Masana Temples by Kikagaku Moyo (Released 05/10/2018) Refried Ectoplasm by Stereolab (Released 28/09/2018) Switched On Volumes 1-3 by Stereolab (Released 28/09/2018) The Lamb by Lala Lala (Released 28/09/2018) New Hymn To Freedom by Szun Waves (Released 31/08/2018) 7 by Beach House (Released 11/05/2018) Harder Than It's Ever Been by Fergus & Geronimo (Released 11/05/2018) Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino by Arctic Monkeys (Released 11/05/2018) Faintly Blowing (Alt Unreleased Vers) / Jump In My Boat (Unreleased Track) by Kaleidoscope (Released 28/04/2018) Bellowing Sun by Mind Over Mirrors (Released 06/04/2018) 27:36 (LIMITED SIGNED COPIES) by Still Circles (Released 30/03/2018) Eghass Malan by Les filles De Illighadad (Released 02/03/2018) Nightports with Matthew Bourne by Nightports with Matthew Bourne (Released 02/03/2018) We Out Here by Various Artists (Released 09/02/2018) A Hymn For Ancient Land by Jim Ghedi (Released 26/01/2018) Don't Tell No Lies/The Watford Stomp by Fame Beats (Released 15/12/2017) Tercelvoice by Tercelvoice (Released 07/12/2017) Salt Of The Earth by Luke Spillane (Released 06/12/2017) Modern Kosmology by Jane Weaver (Released 10/11/2017) Forty by Lee Hazlewood (Released 03/11/2017) Reaching For Indigo by Circuit Des Yeux (Released 20/10/2017) Poly-Anna by Brainwaltzera (Released 29/09/2017) Netherfield Works by Craven Faults (Released 22/09/2017) Of A Nature Or Degree by Duds (Released 22/09/2017) New Work by DINNER (Released 08/09/2017) Isotach by Matthew Bourne (Released 18/08/2017) A Short History Of Decay by John Murry (Released 14/07/2017) City Music by Kevin Morby (Released 16/06/2017) Nektyr by Demen (Released 09/06/2017) Love Is Love by Woods (Released 19/05/2017) Live At Third Man Records by Archie & The Bunkers (Released 24/03/2017) Untouchable by Cairo Gang (Released 24/03/2017) Cinderland by High Plains (Released 17/03/2017) The French Press by Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (Released 10/03/2017) Why Love Now by Pissed Jeans (Released 24/02/2017) Undying Colour by Mind Over Mirrors (Released 17/02/2017) Drunken Songs by Julian Cope (Released 03/02/2017) Melanfonie by Emika (Released 03/02/2017) Hear The Lions Roar by Half Japanese (Released 13/01/2017) Not Even Happiness by Julie Byrne (Released 13/01/2017) Vagabond Saint by Angelina (Released 02/12/2016) Kollektion 06:1971-1981 Compiled By John McEntire by Cluster (Released 25/11/2016) Man From Wareika / Wareika Dub by Rico (Released 18/11/2016) The Shacks by Shacks (Released 04/11/2016) The Western Suite And Siesta Songs by Naim Amor & John Convertino (Released 28/10/2016) Beautiful Monsters (Singles And Demo Recordings 1984-1986) by Folk Devils (Released 30/09/2016) Heaven by Dennis Bovell (Released 30/09/2016) Kensington Blues by Jack Rose (Released 23/09/2016) Whole & Cloven by Nathan Bowles  (Released 02/09/2016) Starcore by Marielle V Jakobsons (Released 19/08/2016) The Sympathy Sigh by Mi Mye (Released 05/08/2016) OST: Ellis (Feat: Robert De Niro) by Woodkid And Nils Frahm (Released 15/07/2016) Warning by Gregory Isaacs (Released 11/07/2016) OST: Ellis (Feat: Robert De Niro) by Woodkid And Nils Frahm (Released 08/07/2016) Monsters and Fairies by Save! (Released 27/05/2016) Strangers by Marissa Nadler (Released 20/05/2016) Oh No by Jessy Lanza  (Released 13/05/2016) Under The Sun by Mark Pritchard (Released 13/05/2016) Wowee Zowee by Pavement (Released 13/05/2016) Beast Market by Unstable Journey (Released 02/05/2016) Midwest Father's Daughter by Margo Price (Released 15/04/2016) Singing Saw by Kevin Morby (Released 15/04/2016) Singing Saw by Kevin Morby (Released 15/04/2016) Ears by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (Released 01/04/2016) From The Forest Came The Fire by Dana Falconberry & Medicine Bow (Released 01/04/2016) Chorus by Flying Saucer Attack (Released 18/03/2016) Moogmemory by Matthew Bourne (Released 04/03/2016) Scheherazade by Freakwater (Released 12/02/2016) AMMMusic by AMM (Released 05/02/2016) Lurch by Pole (Released 29/01/2016) Radioland: Radio-Activity Revisited by Franck Vigroux & Matthew Bourne (Released 15/01/2016) Playing With A Different Sex by Au Pairs (Released 08/01/2016) Nightvision by Mark Van Hoen (Released 04/12/2015) Fi by Bibio (Released 27/11/2015) Feeling Strange by Post War Glamour Girls (Released 30/10/2015) No. 3 by Christina Vantzou (Released 30/10/2015) Howl by Rival Consoles (Released 16/10/2015) Nomad Frequencies by John Lemke  (Released 09/10/2015) A Trip To Marineville by Swell Maps (Released 01/10/2015) Have You In My Wilderness by Julia Holter (Released 25/09/2015) Edition 1 by King Midas Sound / Fennesz (Released 18/09/2015) Illegals In Heaven by Blank Realm (Released 04/09/2015) The Terrifying Dream by Scaramanga Six (Released 02/08/2015) The Shatterproof Man / A Steel Cat In A Glass Jar by Girl One And The Grease Guns (Released 27/07/2015) Island Presents Reggae Discomixes by Various Artists (Released 24/07/2015) Instrumentals 2015 by Flying Saucer Attack (Released 17/07/2015) Spacelines: Sonic Sounds For Subterraneans by Various Artists / Sonic Boom (Released 10/07/2015) Midlands Roots Explosion Vol 1 by Various Artists (Released 27/06/2015) Post Scriptum 01 by Post Scriptum (Released 27/06/2015) Uptown Top Ranking by Byron Lee & The Dragonaires (Released 06/06/2015) Hard To Please by Sally Dige (Released 30/05/2015) Xerrox Vol 3 by Alva Noto (Released 23/05/2015) Platform by Holly Herndon (Released 18/05/2015) Ba Power by Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba (Released 25/04/2015) Sonnet by Benoit Pioulard (Released 20/04/2015) All Dressed For Tomorrow by Steve Treatment (Released 04/04/2015) Golem by Wand (Released 04/04/2015) Sherwood At The Controls - Volume 1: 1979-1984 by Various Artists / Adrian Sherwood (Released 04/04/2015) Dark Energy by Jlin (Released 21/03/2015) Stuxnet by Matrixxman (Released 14/03/2015) Investigate Witch Cults Of The Radio Age (LP +DOWNLOAD) by Broadcast & The Focus Group (Released 07/03/2015) Police In Helicopter by John Holt (Released 07/03/2015) Skullsplitter by Eric Chenaux (Released 21/02/2015) Extra Painful by Yo La Tengo (Released 29/11/2014) Heavy Roll by Reacharounds (Released 23/09/2014) The Revenant Diary by Mark Van Hoen (Released 01/01/2012) Psychedelic Sounds Of by 13th Floor Elevators (Released 29/10/2010) Switched On by Stereolab (Released 01/01/2001) Express Yourself / Just Kissed My Baby by Watts 103rd. Rhythm Band / Meters Extra Painful by Yo La Tengo Journey In Satchidananda by Alice Coltrane UK Sue Label Story - The World Of Guy Stevens by Various Artists



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