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Black Mountain - Destroyer (DINKED EDITION)

LP: £26.99

Label: Jagjaguwar

Release date: 24.05.2019

Format Info: Clear Coke Bottle Coloured Vinyl

Further Information

DINKED EDITION - Limited to 600 copies - exclusive clear coke bottle coloured vinyl - Deluxe bespoke art – DIE CUT SLEEVE (no other version will have this) - numbered - Signed 12 x 12" print (please note this will be sent separately by the label – not packed with the vinyl)

Staff Reviews

Black Mountain’s Stephen McBean turned 16 way back in 1985. And yet, until just two short years ago, McBean had lived his entire adolescence and adult life without a proper driver’s license, that first and most coveted ticket to personal independence. When he did finally take the wheel in 2017, he essentially became a 48-year-old Sixteen Year Old, blowing out the doors off the DMV like a pyrotechnics display at a W.A.S.P. gig. Black Mountain’s new album, Destroyer, named after the discontinued single-run 1985 Dodge Destroyer muscle car, is imbued with all that wild-ass freedom and newfound agency (and anxiety and fear) that comes with one's first time behind the wheel. McBean, welding mask pulled over his Alan Watts beard, has even been rebuilding a 1985 Destroyer in his step-dad’s garage all spring — building it from its frame, putting in weekends of work to have this beast ready for sunnier days. And wouldn’t you know it: when the Destoyer's engine gives its deep snarl and the stereo rattles with Metallica's $5.98 EP, McBean is fully in the driver’s seat.

By Adam Gillison

Track Listing


1. Future Shade

2. Horns Arising

3. Closer to the Edge

4. High Rise


5. Pretty Little Lazies

6. Boogie Lover

7. Licensed To Drive

8. FD’72

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