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Marielle V Jakobsons - Starcore

LP: £16.99

Label: Thrill Jockey

Release date: 19.08.2016

Further Information

On new record ‘Star Core’, multi-instrumentalist Marielle V Jakobsons uses her voice for the first time, while expanding on ideas she explored in her previous solo records and as one half of the group Date Palms. ‘Star Core’ revolves around minimalist synthesizer layers with melodic violin, ute and vocals over elongated bass grooves. The songs on the album are Jakobsons’ version of devotional hymns and they create a cosmic yet personal environment to slow down with and to get lost in.

Staff Reviews

Combining wide-open soundcsape techniques reminiscent of Noveller or Earth with pulsing kosmische and electronica, Marielle V Jakobsons uses elegant violin arrangements, bass, vocals and synths to deliver an album of supreme, dramatic ambience. Recommended!

By Adam Gillison



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