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Panda Bear - Buoys

CD: £10.99

Label: Domino

Release date: 08.02.2019

LP: £24.99

Label: Domino

Release date: 08.02.2019

Format Info: Red & Black Deluxe Edition

Further Information

Animated by their ongoing interest in contemporary music production techniques, Lennox and Santos envisioned something that would “feel familiar to a young person’s ears.” However, Buoys retains a deep layer of experimentation coursing through the hyper-modern production – a hallmark of Panda Bear releases that will feel intimately familiar to fans of Lennox’s decade-plus body of work. Alongside Santos, Buoys also features collaborators in Chilean DJ/vocalist Lizz and Portuguese musician Dino D'Santiago, both artists who came to Lennox via Santos’ recent trap and reggaeton production work; the former contributes arrangements throughout the album including “Dolphin,” and both lend their vocals to “Inner Monologue."

Staff Reviews

Beautifully understated psychedelia from the splendid Panda Bear. The acoustic guitars give this a 'campfire' feel, but the subtle, dubby electronics pull this away into other directions too. And then of course there's the almost choral vocals, the closest we have to a modern day Beach Boys. Excellent.

By Adam Gillison

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