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Jumbo Records have always advocated Rega, a company synonymous with the very highest quality HiFi products and whose history and ethos we admire.

We are therefore delighted and privileged to announce a collaboration with DNA Audio and Jumbo Records that will enable Jumbo to offer a range of REGA Equipment to customers looking to make their first steps into the wonderful world of HiFi and maximise their enjoyment of their record collection.

The range of equipment includes:

- The Rega Planer 1, Rega Planer 1+ and Rega Planer 2 records decks;
- The Rega IO amplifier;
- Rega Kyte speakers.

The RP1, IO and Kyte speakers can also be purchased together as part of the Rega System One package.

All of the equipment listed is in stock and available for purchase in the shop or via the Jumbo Website. You can use Jumbo vouchers to make payment toward HiFi equipment and any items purchased in the shop will accrue loyalty points that you can use for record purchases!

Jumbo Records will be acting as an agent of DNA Audio who are an official supplier of Rega Equipment. Any purchase via Jumbo Records is in its capacity as an Agent and the "seller" is DNA Audio and DNA Audio and Rega terms and conditions and full warranties apply as if the purchase was from DNA Audio.

Upon placing an order via the Jumbo Website, customers will immediately receive an order confirmation email and subsequently an DNA Audio Invoice.

You can find out more about DNA Audio range of products and services via their website ( or contact Darren on 01943 850 650.



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