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Serious Sam Barrett - Where The White Roses Grow

CD: £9.99

Label: Yadig? Records

Release date: 01.02.2019

Extras: Signed Copies

LP: £14.99

Label: Yadig? Records

Release date: 01.02.2019

Extras: Signed Copies

Further Information

Yorkshire-cana Legend Sam has been a mainstay in the folk/roots/country scene for an age now. Crossing over to American on a regular basis he's popular on both sides of the Atlantic and makes incredible folk/country music that sparkles with stories of his family and friends and travels. He lives the life he sings about...

Staff Reviews

Sam's new one show's he's at the peak of his powers. Incredible musicianship, songwriting that hints that his compositions will become future staples in the folk and country canon, vocals that seem to blend perfectly with his playing (plus an accapella that's a doozy). What can we say, we love him and if you want to hear REAL roots music then this is it in droves!

By Adam Gillison

Track Listing

1.Where The White Roses Grow

2.Last Of The Yorkshire Outlaws

3.I Don't Need To Wait For Heaven

4.Holmfirth Anthem

5.Waters of Tyne

6.Bonaparte's Love Song

7.Robin Hood and the 15 Forresters

8.Everybody Needs A Helping Hand

9.Bramhope Tunnel Monument

10.Tennessee Line

11.Darling Where You Are


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